WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2011 Prices

by Firefly on 19th October 2010

The next incarnation of the WWE SmackDown! vs Raw series; 2011 is soon to be released on a variety of platforms, and amongst the additions this time around are Career mode being replaced with a WWE Universe mode, Mini-Trons, Multiplayer in Story Designer, and the ability to participate in a Royal Rumble match online against people from all over the world.

WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2011 is released in the US on the 26th October, and elsewhere on the 29th. At the time of writing, the following are the best prices* for each platform (except iPhone/iPad) for the United States and United Kingdom, according to GamesTracker.com.

UK: PS2 (£17.99 @ Amazon UK) | PS3 (£31.85 @ ShopTo) | PSP (£19.85 @ ShopTo) | Wii (£24.99 @ Play.com) | XBOX 360 (£31.85 @ ShopTo)

USA: PS2 ($37.91 @ Video Game Plus) | PS3 ($54.05 @ Video Game Plus) | PSP ($37.91 @ Video Game Plus) | Wii ($45.98 @ Video Game Plus) | XBOX 360 ($54.05 @ Video Game Plus)

* There were some listed lower, but they were ignored due to the possibility of the game region not being the same as the target locality (e.g PAL when the locality requires NTSC).

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