Raw Fusion: SmackDown! Invasion

by Firefly on 20th October 2010

The 18th October 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long making his way to the ring with a microphone. He introduces himself and says that he is there because he can be, and that he is going to take over Raw.

The email tone plays, and Michael Cole informs us that he has received an email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager, which tells Long to get out of his ring and that he has no business being there.

Long mentions that it is SmackDown! vs Raw at Bragging Rights, getting a referee to bring out the trophy, and saying that it belongs to SmackDown! after defeating Raw last year. Cole gets another email, telling Long to get out of the ring, or else.

Long isn’t intimidated and says he will show “or else”, taking the position at the podium instead and then says that the Raw GM is going to be disconnected, then closing the laptop to do so. He introduces Team SmackDown!, comprised of the captain The Big Show, Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks, and Rey Mysterio.

The Miz’s music hits and he comes out onto the stage accompanied by Alex Riley. He isn’t impressed and says that it looks like The Smurfs grew up next to a power plant, and calls Edge “Smurfette”.

The Miz assures them that Raw is going to win and the trophy will be on the “A” show, then introducing the rest of his team; CM Punk, John Morrison, Santino Marella, the newest member and The Miz’s personal pick, Ezekiel Jackson, and the last member is Sheamus.

The Miz tells Team SmackDown! to get out of his ring, or they’ll make them get out. The Big Show and the rest of his team make no effort to exit, so Team Raw enter the ring and start fighting with them, but end up backing of after SmackDown! get the advantage. The Big Show tells The Miz that they will gladly leave the ring on one condition – that they face each other in a captain vs captain match later on, which The Miz accepts.

After a video recapping the events of last week involving John Cena and Wade Barrett, The Hart Dynasty (accompanied by Natalya) have a great hometown reaction as they take on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre.

The match ends with McIntyre getting the victory for his team by hitting David Hart Smith with the Future-Shock DDT. Afterwards, we see John Cena backstage talking to Randy Orton, with Orton saying that he knows that being a part of The Nexus is eating him inside, but he also thinks that he wouldn’t have a problem with helping Barrett to take away his WWE Championship.

He tells him that if he gets in his way, he will have no problem kicking him in the skull to put him out of his misery. Cena says that if he even tries to do so, he’ll break his leg off.

After a video promoting R-Truth and his theme, Goldust (accompanied by Aksana) goes against Zack Ryder, with Ted DiBiase and Maryse looking on from the stage. Goldust makes quick work of Ryder by hitting him with The Final Cut.

DiBiase runs down to enter the ring, and starts attacking him while Aksana (holding the Million Dollar Championship) is chased backstage by Maryse, but Goldust gets the better of the exchange when he hits DiBiase with The Final Cut, then crouching over him as his music plays.

Going backstage, we see John Cena and The Nexus. Barrett tells Cena that he wants to see whether Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty are good enough to join The Nexus, and that Cena should go all out to do so. Cena finds this surprising and checks that he’s definitely understanding it correctly, with Barrett telling him there’s no catch, that he has the chance to show the Universe the Cena they know and love, and then ordering him to get him a glass of water.

Guest Star Bobb’e J. Thompson is shown playing WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2011 as The Big Show, beating up The Miz, when he is confronted by The Miz. The Miz tells him that is not what is going to happen tonight, lifting him up in the air after he tries to dispute that, and says to tell The Big Show that he’s got a surprise for him.

The Miz starts to order Riley to take him, but is confronted by The Big Show instead who says that Riley is busy. After The Miz walks away, Thompson tells Show to “knock the sucka out” for him.

We rejoin The Nexus and Cena backstage, as Cena brings the glass of water as the crowd chant “water-boy”. Barrett says that wasn’t so difficult, and that he’s really enjoying this, before throwing the water in Cena’s face to the laughter of the rest of The Nexus, and calling it delicious.

Next, John Cena and Randy Orton are pitted against Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, with the rest of The Nexus looking on from the stage. The match ends with Orton getting the victory for his team after hitting an RKO on McGillicutty, and as they celebrate afterwards, Cena offers his hand to Orton until Barrett tells him not to shake his hand and to exit the ring to stand by the announce table, or be fired.

The rest of The Nexus surround the ring before attacking Orton, getting the advantage despite Orton’s attempts to take them out first. After each member excluding Barrett and Cena have used their finishing moves on Orton, Barrett orders Cena into the ring and tells him to hit him with an Attitude Adjustment.

Cena has Orton on his shoulders when Barrett changes his mind, saying that he doesn’t want him to steal his spotlight and should give Orton to him instead, which he does and Barrett hits The Wastelands.

As the rest of The Nexus stand tall, Cena exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp, with the rest of The Nexus making their exit soon afterwards, leaving Orton laying in the ring as they look at their handiwork from the stage.

Now, we hear an “Excuse Me!” from Vickie Guerrero, who then introduces the Intercontinental Champion; Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler says that people confuse his confidence for cockiness, which he says he can’t blame them for, mentioning his physique, hair, and Vickie being with him.

He says she makes his heart go “pitter-patter”, but Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he starts making his way to the ring. Bryan says that he’s not a ladies man, but he suspects that even he could do better than Vickie, but if he can be serious for a minute (with a cheer from some in the crowd at the Lance Storm quote), he says that he doesn’t have many of the things Ziggler does, but what he does have is the ability to capitalise on a mistake in the ring, and make Ziggler tap out.

Bryan challenges Ziggler to a match at Bragging Rights, which Ziggler accepts but says that they should do this right now, slapping Bryan in the process and then hiding behind Vickie. Bryan manoeuvres around Vickie and knocks Ziggler out of the ring, then stopping him from trying to escape over the barricade by applying the LeBell Lock.

As Ziggler taps out, Eve’s music hits, with her making her way to the ring along with The Bella Twins, Gail Kim, and Kelly Kelly. They surround Vickie and empty a bucket of glitter over her, which causes her to have a tantrum and run backstage. Bryan then enters the ring and starts dancing with the Divas, successfully landing a back-flip, but appearing in a bit of pain with his attempt at the splits.

Next up, Natalya takes on Alicia Fox, getting the victory when she makes her tap out to the Sharpshooter. As she starts to celebrate, LayCool make their way to the ring, insulting Canada and saying the the Harts don’t belong in the Hall Of Fame, but in the loony bin, just like Natalya.

They then attack Natalya, with Michelle applying the Sharpshooter as Layla takes pictures. Natalya manages to get out of it and then gain the advantage to make LayCool bail out.

After Jerry “The King” Lawler recap CM Punk’s match and aftermath with Evan Bourne last week and saying that Bourne will be out for about three months. Going backstage, Josh Mathews asks Long if he thinks it’s rather brazen to show up on Raw with Team SmackDown!, to which Long says that it’s brazen of Mathews to ask that, and that he’s not a foolish man, then saying that he’s got another surprise, as Hornswoggle then leads the SmackDown! roster past.

We are asked to “Stand up for WWE” to help correct inaccurate attacks levelled against the WWE, with a video showing various celebrities who have participated in WWE events in the past and many things that the WWE has been a part of, including charity and voting.

After we see John Cena being led off backstage by Wade Barrett after he is told that he’s not finished with him yet, Justin Roberts introduces Bobb’e J. Thompson who then introduces The Big Show.

The Big Show makes his way to the ring accompanied by Hornswoggle and not only Team SmackDown!, but the SmackDown! Roster. The Miz makes his way to the ring appearing to enter alone until he stops at the bottom of the ramp and gestures for others to come down, with the Raw Roster then coming out behind him.

After a short while in which some of the SmackDown! Superstars have taunted The Miz and The Big Show has attacked a few Raw Superstars, Theodore Long makes his way out to the stage and says that as both rosters are there, we will now have a Raw vs SmackDown! Battle Royal.

The match ends with SmackDown! getting the victory as Edge and The Big Show are the last two remaining. Afterwards, we go backstage where Barrett tells the rest of The Nexus (including Cena) that they will witness what will happen when he beats Orton for the title on Sunday.

He suggests that they practice, ordering Cena to raise his hand, having to repeat himself a few times and add the threat of Cena being fired until he actually does so. Barrett grins and keeps his arm raised, with Cena walking off as Raw goes off the air.

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