NXT Fusion: How Low Can You Go?

by Firefly on 22nd October 2010

The 19th October 2010 episode of NXT starts with Matt Striker introducing the Rookie Divas, and after congratulating Naomi and A.J for their challenge wins last week, says that we will be having some more competitions – until we hear an “Excuse Me!” from Vickie Guerrero who makes her way to the ring.

She tells Striker that she can’t sit and listen to Striker talk talk about the Rookie Divas as it strikes a nerve inside of her. Moving her attention to Kaitlyn, she asks her what she is thinking wearing what she is, saying that she is recommitting herself to being her Pro, but one thing she needs to address is her look, asking for her gift to Kaitlyn to be brought to the ring.

Vickie says that Kaitlyn’s looks are a bother to her, and the question is not what is wrong with her look, but what is right, so she has brought something to wear. Kaitlyn drops it in defiance, causing Maxine to just tell her to put it on so that everyone can move on with their lives.

She talks about how she is lucky to have her as her Pro, and that she’s love to have her as her own Pro – with Alicia Fox making herself known now to ask what she means by that. Maxine tries to explain that she has a lot of respect for Vickie and that Kaitlyn should have some appreciation.

After Vickie talks about how good she is, Alicia says that she bets that she can coach her Rookie to beat Vickie’s in a one-on-one match, and dismissing Vickie’s suggestion that they have some time to prepare, says that it should happen right now – which Vickie agrees to and Striker makes official, with Josh Mathews and Michael Cole quipping that he’s the General Manager of NXT, and that he might as well do something as he doesn’t do anything else.

After a video recapping the issues between Kaitlyn and Vickie two weeks ago, Maxine takes on Kaitlyn (who is wearing her gift from Vickie), with both of their Pros on the ring apron wearing microphones. The match ends with Maxine getting the victory in a match with Mathews and Cole bad mouthing the match, and Cole calling his mother instead of announcing.

After we are asked to “Stand up for WWE”, it’s time for a challenge called “Who’s that Body”, where the Rookie Divas must identify who the torso belongs to, with Naomi winning the challenge with three correct answers.

After hyping the matches to take place at Bragging Rights and video recapping the events involving Cena, The Nexus, and Randy Orton (click here for our Raw report), we go backstage to Goldust and Aksana, where he thanks her for saving the Million Dollar Championship.

They talk about how his proposal last week was out of the blue, but solves all her problems, and that in two weeks, they will be married. Goldust says that there is one thing to do to make it official, then presenting her with a ring that she says she loves.

Goldust appears to be getting ready to kiss her until he changes his mind and wishes her luck in the challenge instead as she then leaves. Back in the arena, Striker informs us that it’s time for the second challenge, one that tests the Rookie Divas’ flexibility in a limbo contest.

Naomi wins the challenge, despite not having done the last limbo attempt, meaning that she has three victories so far. After Mathews quips that they are doing their best to be kicked off their own website, Kelly Kelly and Naomi are pitted against The Bella Twins in a Tag Team match, during which the crowd erupts in a “We Want Goldust” chant at one point.

Nikki gets the win after switching with Brie behind the referee’s back, much to her confusion. As Kelly Kelly and Naomi watch from the ring, the Bella Twins raise their arms in celebration on their way up the ramp, as NXT goes off the air.

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