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by Firefly on 28th October 2010

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 kicks off with an “Excuse Me!” from Vickie Guerrero as she introduces the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler takes on United States Champion Daniel Bryan in a Champion vs Champion match.

The match ends in a victory for Bryan when he makes Ziggler tap out to the LeBell Lock. Afterwards, both Vickie and Ziggler argue with the referee until he tells them to leave.

Going backstage, The Miz talks about how he taught Bryan everything he knows until Sheamus interrupts and asks who in their right mind would take orders from him. He reminds him about being a former WWE Champion, but The Miz reminds him that he himself is Team Captain, not him – CM Punk interrupts and says that he is barely Captain Crunch, let alone the Raw Team Captain.

Santino Marella makes himself known and asks where the rest of the team is and mentions that he was promised snacks and beverages, prompting Alex Riley to say that he’d said that there might be some. The Miz says that they don’t need to talk about that, they need to strategize, which Punk agrees with and says that he just came from SmackDown! and as a result knows more than anyone else there about them, so if anyone’s going to be giving orders, it’s going to be him.

Santino butts in and says that if someone’s taking orders then he’d like some Sun Chips, but after getting a bewildered response backs off. Sheamus says that he doesn’t care about his strategy either – if anyone gets in his face out there, then he’ll kick their head off.

The Miz says that he knows that Punk and he don’t like each other, but for one night they need to be one and fight for the same cause, because they are Team Raw and they are Awesome – Punk says that only some of them are awesome.

Riley talks about how bad things are going and that The Miz needs to get it all together, but The Miz says that the team is exactly where it needs to be, and that Team Raw is ready to take down Team SmackDown!

The WWE Tag Team Champions; “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre make their way to the ring, and after grabbing a microphone McIntyre talks about how they have dominated everyone from Raw and SmackDown! but say that they have a dilemma as nobody wants to face them and are scared to death of them.

Rhodes starts to say that you don’t have to be “Dashing” but he is interrupted by the lights flashing and Michael Cole informing us that he has received an email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

He says that there is a team on Raw worthy of facing them for the tag team titles, with The Nexus’ theme hitting and Wade Barrett walking out. He says that this is going to be the greatest night in the history of The Nexus as soon he will be crowned the WWE Champion.

First, he introduces who he says will be the next WWE Tag Team Champions; first is David Otunga, and second is a man who he has ordered under no circumstances to fail in bringing home the tag titles, John Cena.

The match ends with John Cena and David Otunga becoming the new Tag Team Champions after Cena makes Rhodes tap out to the STF. After Otunga climbs down from celebrating on the turnbuckle, he turns around into an Attitude Adjustment from Cena, who leaves with both titles.

After a trailer for “Knucklehead” starring The Big Show, we see a recap of the events between Goldust and Ted DiBiase three weeks ago, and then go backstage to where DiBiase and Maryse are interviewed by Josh Mathews.

Mathews asks how DiBiase plans to get back his championship but Maryse starts talking in French until he stops her and reminds her that Mathews had asked him. He says that Goldust does not belong in the same ring or tax bracket as him, and that he is weird.

DiBiase gives him credit for the mind games and stealing his property from underneath him, but he says that he is going to be direct as he will beat Goldust to take back his Million Dollar Championship, and then he will have his fake NXT girlfriend deported, prompting a burst of French from Maryse to which he agrees with by saying “exactly”.

Ted DiBiase (accompanied by Maryse) goes against Goldust (accompanied by Aksana) in a match which sees DiBiase getting the victory after a clothesline and DDT thanks to Goldust being distracted by concern for Aksana.

Afterwards, Aksana attacks Maryse and grabs the Million Dollar Championship once more. She lures DiBiase in before backing off so that Goldust can hit him with the Final Cut.

After promotion for the release of WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2011, LayCool make their way to the ring, talking about how Natalya must be excited to have a title match in Minneapolis, Minnesota as she will feel at home with the stupid accents and how it’s so cold that they must like their women really big.

Natalya is pitted against Layla for the Divas Championship, with Layla retaining the title thanks to a kick to Natalya’s head by Michelle when the referee isn’t looking.

After promotion for Survivor Series where we are told that “you’re either NEXUS, or you’re against us”, a video hypes the match and recaps Kane being dragged under the ring on SmackDown! (click here for our SmackDown! report) before Kane takes on The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The match ends with The Undertaker getting buried alive thanks to interference from The Nexus that allows Kane to knock him into the grave with the Urn to the head. Afterwards, the bell tolls, a lightning strike hits the headstone and The Undertaker’s symbol appears on the headstone as his theme plays.

Going backstage, Mathews interviews Randy Orton, asking him whether he is concerned that Cena will cost him his WWE Championship. Orton says that Cena is torn between being a member of The Nexus and being part of the WWE, and that if he interferes in his match, he will make his decision very simple, by dropping him in the middle of the ring.

Now, it’s time for the Elimination Tag Team match between Team Raw and Team SmackDown!, with Santino Marella being the first eliminated after an inverted Death Valley Driver by Tyler Reks. and the last to be eliminated is The Miz after receiving a Spear from Edge, to give Team SmackDown! the victory.

After another trailer for “Knucklehead”, we see a video recapping the events involving John Cena and The Nexus over the past few weeks, before Randy Orton goes against Wade Barrett (accompanied by John Cena) for the WWE Championship.

The match ends with Barrett winning via disqualification after he is hit with an Attitude Adjustment from John Cena, but as titles don’t change hands on a disqualification, Orton retains the title. Orton isn’t happy about retaining his title this way, and drops Cena with an RKO when he is approached by him with the WWE Championship.

After a video recaps the highlights of the match, we see Orton celebrating in the ring as Bragging Rights goes off the air.

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