NXT Fusion: Million Dollar Devil

by Firefly on 31st October 2010

The 26th October 2010 episode of NXT starts with Matt Striker introducing the Rookie Divas to the ring, followed by the first challenge which is the Halloween Costume Contest, with each Rookie Diva getting fifteen seconds to impress the judges – the live audience in Milwaukee.

First is Aksana dressed as a devil, followed by Maxine as an ice queen, Kaitlyn as Vickie Guerrero, Naomi as a Hamburger Helper Hand, and finally A.J as a Ninja Turtle. The winner is revealed to be Kaitlyn.

Next, Naomi (accompanied by her Pro Kelly Kelly) takes on Maxine (accompanied by her Pro Alicia Fox), in a match which sees Naomi getting the win after a headbutt.

Going backstage, Goldust and Aksana are talking when an Immigration representative interrupts and says that he has heard that they have decided to get married to resolve the immigration issues, telling them that if the papers aren’t in order and she isn’t married by next week, he’ll take her into custody and deportation procedures will begin.

Back in the arena, A.J (accompanied by her Pro Primo) goes against Brie Bella (accompanied by her sister Nikki) in a match which ends in a victory for Brie after Nikki pulls her out of the ring to take her place behind the referee’s back, hitting A.J with a sitout facebuster and pinning her, with an unhappy Primo appealing to the referee as he saw the switch.

Backstage, Maryse complains to Ted DiBiase about being there until he says that the reason they are there is to get back his Million Dollar Championship. When she suggests that he just buy another one, he says it’s the principal of it as the title has been in his family for twenty years and he wants it back, so she will help him get it back – she agrees, but walks off grumbling in French.

After we are asked to “Stand up for WWE”, we are back in the ring for another challenge, this time a Halloween Candy Eating Contest, with the Pros standing behind the Rookies to encourage them – Striker says that he needs a bit of help for this, so Hornswoggle’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Maxine is declared to be the winner, but she decides to push around Hornswoggle until she is confronted by A.J. Hornswoggle places himself behind Maxine so that when A.J pushes her, she falls over him, but Kaitlyn starts to choke.

Hornswoggle helps her by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre and she ends up regurgitating on Vickie Guerrero who then looks like she’s going to be sick herself, so stands up and starts to leave the ring. We see Kaitlyn backstage and as we hear Vickie yelling in the background, Dolph Ziggler tells her that she doesn’t want to go in there right now, but that it’s not her fault, and she really makes the outfit work – he is forced to go back inside when Vickie yells for him.

Next up, after a wedding invitation to Goldust and Aksana’s wedding on the next episode of NXT, we have a Mixed Tag Team match pitting Goldust and Aksana against Ted DiBiase and Maryse. The match ends with Aksana getting the victory for her team after reversing Maryse’s DDT attempt into a small package.

Afterwards, DiBiase pulls Goldust off the ring apron onto the floor and grabs his title from ringside, before entering the ring and handing it to Maryse before they both start towards Aksana. Aksana grabs the title from Maryse and slaps her, then also giving DiBiase a slap when he tries to grab his title back.

Goldust gives DiBiase a clothesline that knocks him out of the ring, before leaving up the ramp with Aksana and the Million Dollar Championship as NXT goes off the air.

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