Raw Fusion: Fighting For Respect

by Firefly on 20th August 2012

The 6th August 2012 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a video recapping the events last week involving John Cena, The Big Show, and CM Punk, followed by AJ’s music hitting and her making her way to the ring to kick off the show.

She says that she is out there to announce some matches for this episode, the first of which being The Big Show taking on Randy Orton, the second of which being Daniel Bryan being pitted against John Cena, but before she can announce anything more, she is interrupted as CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Punk says that he is a man who lives his life with zero regrets, but that he is also big enough to know when he has made a mistake, and he knows when to admit it and try to right the wrong, so as he stepped out of line and lost his temper last week, he has come out to apologise to AJ.

He says that whether he was justified or not doesn’t matter, as somebody in AJ’s position does not deserve to be disrespected, just like a person in his position as the WWE Champion doesn’t either, so in front of everybody he apologises to AJ and she accepts his apology.

Punk suggests that AJ made a mistake herself last week in making the Triple Threat match for SummerSlam, and asks her to cancel the match. AJ says that she is new at this and is going to make mistakes, but she says that the Triple Threat match is not a mistake and her decision stands.

Punk thinks that this is AJ getting back at him for him refusing to marry her when she proposed to her, and once again asks her to cancel the match, but he is interrupted from saying anything further by John Cena’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring too.

John Cena says that CM Punk has become one of those guys who comes out each and every week demanding respect, and he says that respect should not demanded but instead earned, and after pausing for duelling “Lets Go Cena” and “Cena Sucks” chants, uses them as an example that he has to fight every day to earn respect.

He says that if Punk wants to play the blame game, it is on Punk, as it looked like he was going to win and it would have been Cena against Punk instead of being a Triple Threat if Punk had not been involved in the ending.

Turning his attention to AJ for a moment, Cena says that she smells great and introduces himself. CM Punk says that he hasn’t become anything and that John Cena has become the guy that turns a blind eye to facts.

He says that he didn’t stick his nose into Cena’s match with Show last week, but it was instead Cena who stuck his nose into Punk’s expert analysis on commentary when he came flying over the announcer’s table.

Cena points out that the champion does not do so well in a Triple Threat, and says that Punk can harp on about respect for two more weeks as after SummerSlam, he is probably no longer going to be the champion.

The Big Show’s music hits and he starts making his way to the ring too, and it is at this point that AJ tells everyone to stop it. She says that she is not about to let things get out of hand on her show, and she tells Show and Cena to save their aggression for their matches later on.

Punk thinks that it is unfair that the two challengers have matches, yet the champion who should be in the main event doesn’t, but AJ says that he is in a match, but she doesn’t know who it will be against.

AJ says that before Punk rudely interrupted her, she was about to announce that the fans would decide via a Twitter fan vote whether he will face The Miz, Kane, or Rey Mysterio, with voting starting straight away as the match will be next.

Next up, as a result of the Twitter fan vote, CM Punk takes on Rey Mysterio in a match which sees CM Punk get the victory, when he hits Mysterio with the GTS for the 3-count.

After Alberto Del Rio is shown parking backstage and a video hyping Wade Barrett, and an interaction involving Alberto Del Rio and AJ in which she puts him in a match after him calling her crazy, Christian is pitted against Alberto Del Rio.

The match sees Del Rio get the victory, when he hits Christian with his boot behind the back of the referee, and follows it up with the Cross-armbreaker, forcing Christian to tap out.

Afterwards, Sheamus appears on the titantron, where he is shown stealing Del Rio’s car and saying that he is going sight-seeing in San Antonio.

Now, Randy Orton goes against The Big Show in a match which ends in a double count-out, when both men continue to fight outside and neither head back to the ring in time. Afterwards, Show attempts to continue to the punishment of Orton as he throws him into the ring and sets him up for the Weapon of Mass Destruction, but Orton avoids it and hits Show with an RKO.

Next, Ryback takes on Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins in a 2-On-1 Handicap match which sees Ryback get the victory, when he hits Hawkins with the muscle-buster for the 3-count.

Now, Primo and Epico are pitted against Darren Young and Titus O’Neil (accompanied by AW) in a Tag Team match which sees Epico get the victory for his team, when he takes advantage of the distraction provided by Kofi Kingston and R-Truth blocking escape, and hits Young with the Backstabber for the 3-count.

After a video recapping Damien Sandow’s attack on Brodus Clay last week, and Josh Matthews interviewing Sandow about the attack, Brodus Clay (accompanied by Cameron and Naomi) is set to go against Damien Sandow, but Sandow attacks Clay during his entrance.

The attack ends with the referees forcing Sandow to leave as they check on the downed Clay, and Sandow’s response is to look to the crowd and proclaim that they are welcome.

After an interaction backstage involving AJ and Daniel Bryan, in which AJ informs Bryan that he has a match against Kane at SummerSlam and it causes duelling Yes/No chants between the two, Kelly Kelly takes on Eve Torres in a match which sees Kelly get the victory, when she hits Eve with the hurricanrana-pin for the 3-count.

Next, Justin Roberts introduces “HBK” Shawn Michaels, who makes his way to the ring and talks about the reunion of Degeneration-X on the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw and also how he figured that there was no way that he was going to miss this episode of Raw when he knew that it was going to be in his home-town.

He talks about how everyone is talking about the match at SummerSlam between Triple H and Brock Lesnar, and he says that people have asked his opinion on the match too, but before he can say what he said in response, Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman says that it is not surprising to him that everyone wants to know Michaels’ opinion on the match between his client Brock Lesnar and Michaels’ friend Triple H, as HBK is the greatest in-ring entertainer in the history of the WWE.

He says that he and Lesnar would seek his opinion too, but not for this match as Lesnar is not entering SummerSlam as an entertainer. Heyman says that Lesnar is showing up at SummerSlam to fight, and to show that he is the baddest dude on the planet today.

Michaels says that he isn’t there to dispute the attributes of Lesnar, and Heyman attempts to put words in his mouth until HBK tells him not to, but that at any other time with any other guy, Lesnar is the man to pick.

However he says that they went somewhere they shouldn’t have with Triple H, as they made it personal and turned Triple H into someone he doesn’t recognise any more. HBK says that they didn’t ask for his opinion but he is going to give it anyway, and that at SummerSlam the person he believes is going to win is Triple H, and he believes it so strongly that he intends to be in Triple H’s corner at SummerSlam.

Heyman says that people are going to show the moment over and over as Brock Lesnar isn’t going to give Triple H the option of walking away to retire like Michaels did, but is instead going to force the retirement.

He starts to say more, but Brock Lesnar takes the microphone from him and addresses Shawn Michaels himself. Lesnar says that the only reason that Michaels thinks that Triple H can beat him, is because Michaels has never been in the ring with him – until now.

Lesnar starts to advance upon Michaels, but he in interrupted by Triple H’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring. Lesnar and Triple H both look ready to fight, but Lesnar smiles and tells Triple H that he will see him at SummerSlam, and Michaels before then, as he then leaves with Paul Heyman.

After a video recapping Dolph Ziggler attacking Chris Jericho after his match last week, Chris Jericho joins commentary as Alex Riley is pitted against Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) in a match which sees Riley get the victory, when he takes advantage of Ziggler being distracted by Jericho standing on the announcer’s table, and rolls him up for the 3-count.

After a Tout video from Sheamus spilling food in Alberto Del Rio’s car is shown, Kane goes against The Miz in a match which sees Kane get the victory, when he hits The Miz with a chokeslam for the 3-count.

After Matt Striker interviews Daniel Bryan and it devolves into Daniel Bryan chanting “No” as the crowd are heard chanting “Yes”, and Sheamus is shown backstage returning Alberto Del Rio’s car looking like a mess, Daniel Bryan takes on John Cena in a match which sees Cena get the victory, when he hits Bryan with an Attitude Adjustment for the 3-count.

Afterwards, CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, where he raises his title aloft, only to be shoved aside by Cena as Show makes his way to the ring too and they start to fight. Cena manages to get Show on his shoulders ready to hit an Attitude Adjustment, but Punk knocks them both down in a repeat of last week.

Punk then goes to the announcer’s table and puts on a headset, where he says that Cena might have a point and that it is his fault that he has a Triple Threat match at SummerSlam and that people are disrespecting him, as he let people walk all over him.

He says that from here on out however, he does what he does best and Raw will end the same way that the last two did, namely with him standing tall in the ring as the best wrestler in the world.

CM Punk then heads back to the ring and attempts to attack The Big Show, only for Show to take him out with the Weapon of Mass Destruction, followed by Show hitting John Cena with the Weapon of Mass Destruction too, leaving Show standing tall with the WWE Championship as Raw goes off the air.

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