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by Firefly on 20th August 2012

The 10th August 2012 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with Lilian Garcia introducing Booker T and his music hitting with him making his way to the ring, where he does a Spinaroonie in the middle of the ring in front of his home-town crowd.

After rolling footage of Sheamus’ antics with Alberto Del Rio’s car on Monday Night Raw (click here for our Raw report), Booker T says that what Sheamus did crossed the line, and that as a result he wants him to come out and apologise to Alberto Del Rio and the crowd for his actions.

Sheamus talks about how Alberto Del Rio said that Sheamus wasn’t worthy of being of the World Heavyweight Champion last week, and that as Del Rio tried to take his dignity, on Raw he decided to take his car.

He says that he had a lot of fun driving around, meeting the locals, and stuffing his face with food that ended up on the car. Sheamus then apologises to Booker T, the entire WWE Universe, and Alberto Del Rio for taking his car.

Booker is happy to put all of that behind everyone after the apology, but Del Rio’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, where he says that Sheamus stole his car and that Sheamus isn’t a champion but is instead a peasant, thief, thug, and criminal.

Del Rio says that he filed a police report of the theft, with causes Booker to point out that if he files something, it means that Sheamus won’t be able to defend his title at SummerSlam. Del Rio says that he doesn’t care as a champion acting like a common hooligan reflects upon the General Manager, so Booker should do something as he is close to taking the matter into his own hands.

Sheamus says that he can see that Alberto Del Rio is upset with the situation, so he thinks he has a solution – he suggests that if it’s okay with Booker T, he suggests that they forget about SummerSlam and have the World Heavyweight Championship match later on in this episode of SmackDown!.

Del Rio says that his head is saying to wait, but he agrees to the match.

Next, Sin Cara takes on Cody Rhodes, but before the match takes place, Rhodes says that underneath Cara’s mask is nothing special. The match sees Cara get the victory, when he counters Rhodes’ attempts to take off his mask with a roll-up for the 3-count.

After a video hyping Wade Barrett, and a video recapping the events involving Daniel Bryan over the past couple of weeks, Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring where he asks the crowd whether they think that he is nothing more than a catchphrase.

He points out that he is a former World Heavyweight Champion, and says that he deserves to be in the WWE Championship match at SummerSlam, but instead of that the woman who left him at the alter has not only ruined his reputation by labelling him as psychologically unstable, but she has also put him in a match at SummerSlam against Kane.

Bryan says that he doesn’t deserve that, and he deserves more than to be insulted by the crowd chanting yes at him, or walked all over by a skipping broad in a power suit with her overgrown Frankenstein monster boy toy – he is interrupted at this point by Kane’s pyro and music hitting and Kane making his way to the ring.

AJ’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring, where she says that she is there as Booker T’s special guest, and that she is out there as they don’t like what they see out there right now. She says that she made the match at SummerSlam as they are both incredibly gifted athletes, but they can’t have them coming out and attacking the audience or each other every single week.

She tells Kane that it is really good to see him again, and that she appreciates how sweet and understanding he was towards her when other people treated her miserably, and she tells Bryan that she doesn’t want the fact that he has always been jealous of the friendship between herself and Kane, or the fact that Bryan has never pinned Kane in a one-on-one match, to drive his rage.

AJ says that if Bryan is as mentally stable and psychologically healthy as he claims to be, he should prove that he doesn’t have anger management issues, which he can do starting on this episode and show that he is a good sportsman going into SummerSlam, which he can do by shaking Kane’s hand.

She says that she is serious and wants a clean fight at SummerSlam, but Daniel Bryan refuses to shake Kane’s hand until she orders him to. AJ leaves and Bryan extends his hand towards Kane, but Kane apparently isn’t interested in shaking his hand either, as he then attacks him instead, forcing Bryan to bail out through the crowd and Kane to set off his pyro in the ring as AJ kneels on the ramp laughing and saying that what happened was great.

After an interaction backstage involving Booker T, Tyler Reks, and Curt Hawkins, in which he says that they need to step it up, Jinder Mahal is pitted against two men in a 2-On-1 Handicap match which sees Mahal get the victory, when he quickly forces one of his opponents to tap out to the Camel Clutch.

Afterwards, he pulls the other opponent into the ring too and applies a double Camel Clutch in an attempt to send a message to Ryback, but it is interrupted by Ryback’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring, where Mahal quickly bails out.

Ryback sends a message right back to Mahal, as he hits the two men in the ring with a double muscle-buster.

Now, Chris Jericho presents the Highlight Reel and he is interrupted before he can properly introduce his guest, as Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the ring and says that her client Dolph Ziggler is not going to lower himself to appear on his segment.

Jericho says that they are nothing if not flexible on the Highlight Reel, so he says that if he can’t interview Ziggler, then he can always interview his mother Vickie. An “Excuse Me!” duelling chant erupts between the two until Jericho stops it, but Vickie says that if Jericho insults her one more time, then she will leave and he will have no guest.

He clarifies this several times before telling her to get the hell out then, but then stops her and says that he is just playing around. Jericho asks why she is so angry all of the time and says that she needs to relax, though he says she is probably miffed at what happened at what happened at the end of Ziggler’s match, as he then shows footage on the JeriTron 6000.

Chris Jericho says that the accusation towards him was that he can’t beat the big ones, but judging from the match on Raw, Ziggler can’t even beat the little ones. Vickie says that this is exactly why Dolph Ziggler isn’t wasting his time with him, as Ziggler doesn’t think that Jericho has lost his touch, but instead knows it, and he can’t wait to prove it to everyone in their match at SummerSlam.

Jericho says that his record stands on his own, but that perhaps Ziggler was right that his record hasn’t been great in the big matches lately, and maybe it was time for him to have a change of heart and bring back Y2J, and he says that from this moment on, Y2J is back.

He says that he accepts the challenge at SummerSlam, and he is going to prove to Vickie, “Ziggy”, and everyone else that he has not lost his touch, and never ever will again. Ziggler attempts to attack Jericho, but he avoids it and turns the tables, until Vickie slaps him.

With Jericho’s attention on Vickie, it allows Ziggler to take down Jericho with the Zig-Zag, and for him to then follow it up a shot to the head with the Money In The Bank briefcase, as Dolph Ziggler and Vickie stand tall over the downed Jericho, with Vickie laughing.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth join commentary as Darren Young and Titus O’Neil (accompanied by AW) go against Primo and Epico to determine the Number One Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship in a match which sees Young and O’Neil get the victory as a result of a disqualification, when AW throws water at Kingston and Truth, suckering them into interfering in the match.

After Antonio Cesaro says “Victory” in five different languages, Antonio Cesaro (accompanied by Aksana) takes on Christian in a match which sees Christian get the victory, when he hits Cesaro with a Spear for the 3-count. Afterwards, Cesaro takes out his frustration at losing by attacking Christian.

After a video recapping the events at the end of Monday Night Raw, and an interaction backstage involving Eve Torres, Kaitlyn, Booker T, and Teddy Long, in which Booker makes a match for next week between Kaitlyn and Eve where the winner will become his assistant, Rey Mysterio is pitted against The Miz in a match which sees Mysterio get the victory, when he counters The Miz’s Skull-Crushing Finale attempt into a roll-up for the 3-count.

Next up, Alberto Del Rio goes against Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship in a match which never officially starts, as some men start making their way to the ring before the referee can ring the bell.

Del Rio says tells the men to leave as he never filed the report and he wants his title match, but as they get on the apron, he starts smiling and tells them to go, as they are revealed to not be cops but instead men acting on the orders of Del Rio, so they then attack him and hold him up so that Del Rio can do what he wants.

Alberto Del Rio is left standing tall over the downed Sheamus, as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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