SD Fusion: Trick Or Treat

by Firefly on 1st November 2010

The 29th October 2010 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a video hyping that The Undertaker was buried alive by Kane at Bragging Rights, followed by Kane crouching by a grave in the arena as he talks about it.

He says that there will be talk of plots and conspiracy theories, but to set the record straight, The Undertaker is gone because of one person only – him. Now that his brother is truly one with the dark side and condemned to an eternity of agony, he wants the WWE Universe to thank him.

Kane says that he wants them to thank him for removing the false hope from their meaningless lives, and that though he knows that everyone is clinging to a brutal shred of hope that The Undertaker will return, that is never going to happen, because he is six feet underground.

He says that while he is rotting and decomposing, he himself is the World Heavyweight Champion and The Devil’s Favourite Demon. Saying that the time for mourning is now and that everybody stands up and bow their heads to observe a moment of silence for a man who they will never see again, his fallen and soon to be forgotten brother The Undertaker, he is interrupted by the arrival of Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio says that this is a tragedy, but he’s not talking about The Undertaker – he’s talking about not having an opportunity for the World Heavyweight Champion, and citing that he is handsome, rich, and powerful, he says that the only funeral there will be will be for the title.

Kane yells at him, asking if he’s out of his mind interrupting the ceremony, and saying that the last thing he should be worrying about is the title. Del Rio knocks the Urn from Paul Bearer’s hands and attacks Kane, getting the upper hand until Kane bails out and Rey Mysterio enters the ring to attack Del Rio.

Del Rio bails out himself though, but Mysterio spots a prone Bearer in the ropes and hits him with a 619, before falling to a big boot from Kane, who subsequently falls to a Spear from Edge, to leave Edge standing tall in the ring.

Going backstage, Del Rio tells Theodore Long that he wants a World Heavyweight Championship match and that he should be made the number one contender. Long disagrees and says that there are two men who would disagree with that, instead saying that there will be a match to determine the number one contender by pitting him against Rey Mysterio and against Edge in a Triple Threat match.

Back in the arena, after a video recapping their match on Raw (click here for our Raw report), Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by a leopard costumed Vickie Guerrero) takes on Daniel Bryan. Bryan gets the victory after a kick to the head of Ziggler, thanks to the referee not being lucid when Ziggler hit the Zig-Zag as he had been caught in the crossfire just before that.

After promotion for “Knucklehead” starring The Big Show, Josh Mathews interviews Paul Bearer, who says that Del Rio, Mysterio, and Edge will all pay.

After we are asked to “Stand up for WWE”, we see “Dashing” Cody Rhodes talking to Kelly Kelly backstage, telling her that he needs the mirror more than she does and saying to stick around so that she can see how “dashing” can be achieved.

The Big Show interrupts and suggests that he show him in the ring how dashing he is when he is dangling from a Chokeslam. Rhodes is reluctant about that, clarifying that he’s not scared but it’s because he’s in a tag team with Drew McIntyre, saying that he’d love to have a match with him if he could find a partner.

Next, Jack Swagger (accompanied by the Swagger Soaring Eagle) goes against Kaval, in a match which sees Swagger force Kaval to tap out to the ankle-lock.

Now, Long and Hornswoggle are in the ring and introduce the Divas for the Halloween Costume Contest, first is The Bella Twins as Batman and Robin, followed by Alicia Fox as Cleopatra, Kelly Kelly as Bo Peep, Rosa Mendes as a leprechaun, Melina as Spiderwoman, Michelle McCool as Lady Gaga, and Layla as Beyonce.

Long says that they all look fantastic, but there can only be one winner, who will be determined by the WWE Universe. Michelle interrupts and says that they can save time, energy, and votes as it is obvious that the winners are “Flawless”.

Long says that he promised everyone a treat, but he’s got a trick in store as there’s now going to be an Eight-Diva Tag Team match, a match which ends with Kelly Kelly getting the victory for her team by hitting the K2 on Rosa Mendes.

Backstage, Edge approaches Mysterio and tells that though they won for Team SmackDown! at Bragging Rights, this isn’t about unity or team spirit, and that he will become the number one contender. Mysterio says that he can respect that, but he won’t discriminate between him and Del Rio and will try to beat either one of them.

In the arena again, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre make their way to the ring, saying that they have a message for the new WWE Tag Team Champions. McIntyre says that The Nexus are pathetic and that they’re coming for their titles, with Rhodes adding a “dashing” tip which is to watch what they do to The Big Show, as they will now be known as “The Dashing Ones”.

Rhodes and McIntyre are pitted against The Big Show and his hand-picked partner Kofi Kingston. The match ends with The Big Show getting the win for his team after hitting Rhodes with a Chokeslam, with McIntyre walking away afterwards.

Rhodes confronts McIntyre backstage, getting into a heated argument where their egos get the best of them and they say that “The Dashing Ones” are over.

Next up, Alberto Del Rio takes on Rey Mysterio and Edge in a Triple Threat match, which sees Edge getting the victory to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship after hitting a Spear on Del Rio, which also affects Mysterio as he is sitting on Del Rio’s shoulders at the time.

Afterwards, Kane makes his way out onto the stage and sets off his pyro, raising the title into the air with he and Edge staring at each other from their respective positions as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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