Raw Fusion: Second Best In The World

by Firefly on 6th September 2012

The 3rd September 2012 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a video recapping the events of last week involving CM Punk and Jerry “The King” Lawler, followed by a video recapping Punk attacking Lawler backstage minutes before Raw went on the air.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring to kick off the show, where he says that the party never ends every time that he is in Chicago, but that it will end for Alberto Del Rio. He starts to talk about Night Of Champions, but he is interrupted by CM Punk’s music hitting and him making his way out onto the stage.

CM Punk tells Sheamus not to come out and try to talk to his home-town, as they can’t relate to a guy like him, but that they can relate to a guy like Punk as he is from Chicago. He says that what we saw earlier was him beating up Jerry Lawler, but that what the cameras did not catch was Lawler attacking Punk from behind.

He says that there is only one King in Chicago, and when you come at the King, you better not miss, so Lawler got exactly what he deserved, and he got it Chicago-style. Punk says that it is not bad enough that Lawler has to attack him from behind, but Lawler has attacked his integrity, which is something you just don’t do.

Punk says that last week he decided to teach Lawler a lesson in respect, that is until a white knight decided to stick his nose in, that so-called white knight’s name being John Cena. He says that Jerry Lawler stated that CM Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe at the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw, so he asks if the crowd agree with that, to which they emphatically say “no”.

He says that by helping Lawler, Cena shows that he agrees with him, and thus is disrespecting him too, and where he comes from, you do not disrespect the Best In The World. Punk says that if he chooses to disrespect the WWE Champion for 288 days, then it is Cena who has turned his back on the WWE Universe.

Sheamus interrupts further words from CM Punk, as he says that he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and as such Punk interrupting him is like The Rock interrupting Punk, but at least The Rock had the guts to step in the ring, unlike Punk who is all the way over on the stage.

He invites Punk to the ring, but Punk says that he’s already beaten up one goon on this episode and he doesn’t think that this would be Sheamus’ night either, but as for Sheamus being the World Heavyweight Champion, he says that makes Sheamus at best, the second best in the world.

CM Punk says that it comes with a pecking order, and as such that means that Sheamus is behind Punk, so he should shut his mouth. Sheamus suggests that Punk turn around as if Punk is going to be talking out of his arse, Sheamus might as well be looking at it.

Punk says that this is the sort of disrespect he expects, but he is interrupted from saying anything further by AJ’s music hitting and her making her way out onto the stage, where she says that Alberto Del Rio will face John Cena later on in this episode, and that Punk will face Sheamus later on too.

After a video recapping the match between Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown! (click here for our SmackDown! report), Randy Orton takes on Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) in a match which sees Ziggler get the victory, when he reverses Orton’s pin attempt into one of his own with the aid of the tights for the 3-count.

Afterwards, The Miz’s music hits and he joins Michael Cole on commentary as another video of Daniel Bryan and Kane’s Anger Management class is shown, followed by a video recapping the events involving Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and Cody Rhodes on SmackDown!, with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio then being pitted against Tensai and Cody Rhodes in a Tag Team match.

The match sees Cara get the victory for his team, when Mysterio hits Rhodes with a 619 and Cara follows it up with a senton bomb for the 3-count.

After a second video of Daniel Bryan’s Anger Management class, Sheamus goes against CM Punk in a match which never actually happens, as Punk grabs a microphone and says that just like a lot of people attending the show are taking a day off work, they will respect that he is doing the same thing, as he then leaves.

Sheamus says that disrespect is what is being shown to the fans in the arena by him walking away as they want to see this match. Backstage, AJ tries to stop Punk from leaving, but he tells her to check his contract as he has personal days and that this day is one of them, as he then drives out of the arena.

After Matt Striker interviews AJ about what just happened, with AJ apparently forgetting who Striker is and ordering him to tell Sheamus to stay in the ring as she will find him an opponent, Alberto Del Rio joins ringside as Sheamus takes on Jack Swagger in a match which sees Sheamus get the victory, when he puts Swagger in the Texas Cloverleaf, forcing him to tap out.

Afterwards, Alberto Del Rio takes advantage of the distraction provided by Ricardo Rodriguez and attacks Sheamus, but Sheamus gains the upper-hand and hits Del Rio with White Noise, followed by a Brogue Kick to Rodriguez when Del Rio is pushed out of the way by Rodriguez.

After a video recapping the Divas Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender to the Divas Championship two weeks ago, Layla joins commentary as Eve Torres is pitted against Kaitlyn in a match which sees Eve get the victory when she hits Kaitlyn with the snap swing-neckbreaker for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Eve checks on Kaitlyn and shakes her hand, followed by exiting the ring and extending her hand for Layla to shake too, which she does eventually after arguing with The Miz about it.

After an interaction backstage involving Jack Swagger and AJ, in which she begs him (to no avail) not to leave her, just like Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, and now CM Punk did, a third video of Daniel Bryan and Kane’s Anger Management class, and Matt Striker’s attempt to interview Alberto Del Rio about Ricardo Rodriguez’s condition, Ryback goes against Jinder Mahal.

The match sees Ryback get the victory, when he hits Mahal with the muscle-buster for the 3-count.

After Matt Striker interviews AJ and she orders him to tell Alberto Del Rio and John Cena that their match later on will now be Falls Count Anywhere, and a video recapping Kane attacking Josh Mathews on SmackDown!, Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring followed by Kane, as Michael Cole reveals that a Twitter fan vote has chosen for Kane and Bryan to hug.

After a number of false starts, and much reluctance on the part of both men, Kane and Daniel Bryan eventually do hug, as The Miz comments on the rules of a hug and the fact that a referee is needed for it, but afterwards both men end up shoving each other.

The shoving degenerates into fight between the men, one which sees Kane hit Bryan with a chokeslam and place a steel chair around the neck of him, as he then heads up to the top rope until the referees are able to halt Kane’s plans. The distraction provided by the referees gives enough time for Bryan to get up and hit Kane with the steel chair, followed by him bailing out of the ring and heading up the ramp.

Next, Santino Marella takes on Antonio Cesaro for the United States Championship in a match which sees Cesaro get the victory and retain his title, when he hits Marella with the Gotch Style Neutralizer for the 3-count.

Now, “Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder is pitted against Heath Slater in a match which sees Ryder get the victory, when he hits Slater with the Rough Ryder for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the ring and says that she has some personal issues with AJ, and that she will not leave the ring until AJ comes to the ring so that she can give her a piece of her mind, as she then demands a chair to sit on in the ring too.

After a while of Vickie waiting and a video recapping the events of last week involving AJ and Vickie, she says that it is clear that AJ is losing control of her show, and if AJ doesn’t want to come out and talk to her, then she will have a chat with AJ.

She says that AJ has failed to deliver her promises and it is time for AJ to leave, and she then appears to be answering an invisible AJ until AJ’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring. AJ says that she just got off the phone with the WWE Board Of Directors and that her actions lately have been inappropriate and sometimes juvenile.

AJ says that she has been told that she is not to put her hands on anyone else ever again, and that they want her to apologise, so she does so immediately. Vickie says that is touching, as she doesn’t understand is AJ is apologising because she is an inept General Manager or whether she is apologising to Vickie.

She says that if AJ doesn’t understand what she is trying to say, let her put it a different way. Vickie demands that AJ apologise to her right now, which AJ eventually does despite the fan chants of “slap her”.

Vickie calls the apology pathetic, demanding that AJ apologise and make it mean something. Eventually AJ does so, but Vickie quickly follows it up with a slap to AJ, then quickly reminding AJ that she can’t do anything in return as she isn’t allowed to touch her, and proceeding to slap AJ a second time before leaving with a laugh as she attempts to imitate AJ’s skipping.

Clearly unhappy about what has just happened, AJ throws the microphone down and then knocks over the steel chair before slamming it against the mat and then throwing it out of the ring and having a tantrum in the ring.

Next up, John Cena goes against Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere match which sees Alberto Del Rio get the victory backstage, when CM Punk ambushes Cena with a kick to the head and places Del Rio on top of Cena for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Punk picks Cena up and hits him with a GTS onto his car, while he then says “respect” to the downed Cena, stands with his title held aloft, and then slowly drives past with Paul Heyman looking out of the window at Cena as Raw goes off the air.

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