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by Firefly on 4th November 2010

The 1st November 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with Randy Orton making his way to the ring. Grabbing a microphone, he says that he doesn’t think that there is a man alive who can take the title from him, but if someone did, he wouldn’t be happy about it but would accept it.

What he wouldn’t be able to accept is losing the title because of a crooked referee, especially if that referee were John Cena, so he calls him out as if Cena is going to screw him over at Survivor Series, he should at least be man enough to say it to his face.

Cena makes his way to the ring and tells him to cut him some slack, he says Orton is smart enough to know that championships come and go, but at Survivor Series has a decision to make as if Wade Barrett wins, he is out of The Nexus, but if he loses he is fired, and as the referee he is supposed to somehow call it right down the middle.

He tells him that he has no idea what he is going to do, which Orton interprets as being confirmation that he will screw him over. Orton says that if he does so, although he’ll keep his job, he’ll be the biggest phony in the WWE, as obeying Barrett’s orders would be disrespecting every person who has ever been the champion including himself.

He tells him to get out of the ring, but then says that he forgot that Cena can’t do anything unless he has asked his master for permission. Cena says that he doesn’t like this, that The Nexus run the show, but as he has been in the ring with him, he might have a shot at winning the title – though everybody knows he won’t do it cleanly.

Barrett and the other members of The Nexus make their way out onto the stage, with Barrett thanking Cena for his words and giving permission to say whatever he wants about him as actions speak louder than words, but tells him that they both know that when push comes to shove, he will do exactly what he tells him and at Survivor Series will raise his hand as the new WWE Champion.

Cena says that all he knows is that in three weeks it will all be over, either he is out of The Nexus or, with Barrett finishing his sentence, he’s fired. He says to Barrett that whatever happens he will not go quietly, and will leave a parting gift by beating the hell out of him.

Orton says that unlike Cena, he doesn’t have to wait until Survivor Series, and as far as he is concerned, Barrett is a scared child who stands behind seven other guys, and that at Survivor Series he will beat on him until he is unconscious, leaving Cena to do nothing but count to ten and raise his hand – unless Barrett wants to come to the ring right now and prove otherwise.

Michael Cole receives an email from the General Manager, so informs us that as everyone wants to know what Cena will do, we will find out later on as Barrett and a partner of his choosing will face Orton and a partner of his choosing, with Cena as the Special Guest Referee.

Next, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are pitted against The Hart Dynasty in a match which sees Gabriel get the victory for his team after hitting a 450-Splash.

Going backstage, R-Truth talks to John Cena, telling him that he has “buck” for telling Barrett what he’s going to do after the match at Survivor Series, but as his friend he wants to know what he is going to do when the moment of truth arrives – Cena reiterates that he doesn’t know and walks off.

Back in the arena, Sheamus is set to take on Santino Marella in a rematch from last week, with a video recapping last week’s match before Sheamus grabs a microphone. He says that the truth is that last week Santino didn’t beat him – he beat himself.

He says that he has given Santino a week to bask in the glory of his fluke victory, he dares him to come out and do so again. Santino makes his way out onto the stage and says that he respects Sheamus as a “human beings” and went trick-or-treating dressed as Sheamus – the problem was that everybody kept thinking that he was a ghost, and as it was so irritating, it’s no wonder Sheamus is such an angry person.

He says that as a result of the amount of candy he ate he is unable to compete – otherwise he will throw up in his face, which he doesn’t think anybody would like to see (though the crowd seems to disagree). After Santino says that he found a suitable replacement, Vladimir Kozlov makes his way out and says that Sheamus talks funny, but now he will crush him.

The match ends with Sheamus getting the victory after hitting Kozlov with with the Brogue Kick. Afterwards, he goes after Santino making him back up the ramp with every step, and knocking away any offers of candy, money, or credit card. He sets Santino up for the Irish Curse off the stage when John Morrison comes out for the save and kicks him twice, the second time to the head, with Santino celebrating that he survived.

Backstage, R-Truth approaches Randy Orton and tells him that he thinks that Cena has already made up his mind as if he didn’t quit before now, he’s not going to let himself get fired either, so he’s got a funny feeling that in three weeks he will look Orton in the eyes as he counts Barrett victorious.

Orton decides to make Truth his tag team partner for the match later on, saying that though he an Cena have never gotten along, we’ll see how he treats his friends instead. Elsewhere, Mark Henry talks to Pee-Wee Herman about how things have never been the same since his Evan Bourne got injured two weeks ago, who gives a story about a splinter experience in return.

Henry says that he appreciates the story, but the reason he is here is that he still has to find a tag partner, with Herman saying that he’d love to be his tag partner, but he only wants a big hug which he then gives him until he stops because Herman says he can’t breath.

Herman says that he knows what will cheer Henry up – Diva Twister! After calling out directions and clearly cheating at the selection, he addresses the WWE Universe and says that there will be chills, spills, thrills and plenty of surprises – asking a suddenly appearing Lita if he’s right, which she agrees he is before she nudges the laughing Divas over and walks off with him.

Next, Zack Ryder takes on Ezekiel Jackson in a match which sees Jackson dominating Ryder and getting the victory with the Book of Ezekiel.

Now, Pee-Wee Herman makes his way to the ring and says that it’s a thrill to be there and says that tonight’s secret word is “ring”. After testing it out and saying that he feels like a million dollars, The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with Alex Riley.

The Miz says that he thought Raw losing at Bragging Rights was the lowest point in the history of the show, but he was wrong. He says that he doesn’t like Herman – though Riley does, and that he was more of a He-Man and the Masters of The Universe type of guy.

Herman quips that maybe he should marry He-Man, before The Miz tells him not to play games with him and to get out of his ring – setting off the secret word, with Riley having to explain how he can’t say the secret word.

He says he doesn’t know about the show and tells him to get out of the ring again – once again setting off the secret word. He insults him until Herman starts to copy everything he says and Riley tries to step in, but Riley gets the same copy treatment from Herman.

The Miz interjects again and asks if Herman wants to be beaten into a pulp, but only gets a sarcastic reply saying that he’s “so scared” and then says that he’s starting to make him angry and that as a loner and a rebel – with The Miz asking him “really” until Herman wins with “really infinity” – The Miz should “not anger the Pee”.

Herman says that he has his cousin backstage, with The Miz telling him to bring him out as he will destroy him out, which he is glad to do so as he is “so awesome” – and it is revealed to be The Big Show in a similar attire to Herman.

Show grabs The Miz and Riley by their throats and pushes them out of the ring over the ropes, with Herman asking if they had a nice trip out of the ring (once again setting off the secret word) until Cole gets an email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

He says that The Miz is not getting out of this so easy, so tonight’s secret word is “pain” as he faces Pee-Wee Herman’s cousin “The Big Pee-Wee” next, with the “cousins” doing an odd dance in the ring to celebrate. The match ends with The Big Show winning via disqualification after The Miz decides to use the briefcase on him and exit up the ramp.

After we are asked once more to “Stand up for WWE”, we see Wade Barrett telling John Cena that after he does the right thing in the match later on and raised his hand in victory, he wants Cena to clean the locker room and afterwards scrub his back, with Barrett then walking off laughing. David Otunga makes himself known and tells Cena that he won’t have to scrub Barrett’s back as he will be raising his hand instead, as he has more talent than anybody in The Nexus, including Cena.

Next up, Ted DiBiase (accompanied by Maryse) goes against Daniel Bryan in a match that sees Bryan make DiBiase tap out to the LeBell Lock. Afterwards, DiBiase tells Maryse that he can’t concentrate because he needs his title back, so they’re going to the wedding of Goldust and Aksana and will break it up.

Now, LayCool make their way to the ring, saying that they think that they have gotten off on the wrong foot – though they don’t care about the Superstars and Divas, they feel bad about hurting the WWE Universe and are sorry about it.

They call Natalya “special” and say that in the name of being Flawless they are going to give her one more chance at their championships at Survivor Series if she can beat Michelle McCool in this match, which won’t happen as Michelle is the best there is, was and ever will be.

Natalya gets the victory with a schoolgirl rollup after Michelle inadvertently gives Layla a kick to the face thanks to Natalya dodging it.

We see a video of Vince McMahon in a coma but waking up when his Doctor (Freddie Prinze Jr.) mentions Linda McMahon spending fifty million dollars on her campaign and after we see campaign stickers on him, they then talk about what has happened in the WWE since he was attacked by The Nexus until Vince decides he needs to pee – also having an epiphany that if his wife can run for senate, he can run for president until he continues to hobble off with a large sticker on his back.

After a scream, a bedside lamp is switched on and Stephanie McMahon sits up in bed and comments that she had a rather strange dream, but after she seeks clarification from her (off-screen, though we hear his voice) husband Triple H that her father is still in a coma and he quips that they think that he’s brain-dead, she gladly turns the light back off and goes back to sleep.

Next, John Cena is the Special Guest Referee as Wade Barrett and David Otunga take on Randy Orton and R-Truth in a match which sees Truth get the 3-count for his team after Orton hits an RKO on Otunga as Cena is dealing with Barrett, who had tagged in shortly before that but wasn’t acknowledged as Orton had his attention.

Afterwards, an angry Barrett yells at Cena, who maintains that he did not see the tag, before then exiting up the ramp to leave Barrett watching Orton celebrate in the ring with the WWE Championship as Raw goes off the air.

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