ICW Fierce Females: The Début Show That Did What It Says On The Tin

by Dave on 9th October 2012

Once more I am writing a review of a show I travelled to attend, called ICW: Fierce Females who are the sister company to Insane Championship Wrestling, all the way up in Glasgow.

So what possessed me to travel over 10 hours by train and Megabus up to Glasgow from Kent, when I could have gone to a show in London (Progress Wrestling) on the same day? I’d claim insanity, but that is somewhat oversubscribed in my life, but i’m going to play the ‘hardcore wrestling fan’ card who was going to support people he enjoys the wrestling skills of (as it turned out I travelled up on the same bus as Erin Angel and April Davids and travelled back on the same bus as Sakura Lilly, which I’ll come to later on).

Anywho, the show results were:

1. Miss Nicola Storm pinned Fiona Frazer following a Perfect Storm.

Nicola (usually Nikki) Storm was pulling a ‘right to censor’ type gimmick where she interrupted a burlesque dancer at the end of her performance and forced her to cover up. Unfortunately Fiona made a mistake on a head scissors at the end which the crowd performed a tradition chant for when moves got awry (that includes an expletive). The most ridiculous thing though, was that the referee stopped counting mid way through the pinfall and then started counting again.

Nicola was amazing in her persona here and got a hell of a lot of amusing abuse (even if I didn’t quite get some of the Scottish Slang). For the first time of seeing Fiona I was impressed and she has a bright future from what I saw.

2. Viper beat Bete Noire with a face first electric chair drop.

This was another pretty great match for someone who this was the first time I had got to see and included some great brawling in the crowd (I also noted that one of the projectors got knocked askew by their brawling). This was the only non clear face/heel match up as both girls got good pops.

3. Rhia O’Reilly defeated Holly Rocamora with the Rhiajustment.

Yet another great showing by Rhia, who is such a great performer and basically turning into a female Chris Jericho (as she can basically have a good match with any sort of performer). This was the second time I have seen Holly, who has improved since the last time I saw her back in February against Shanna.

4. Erin Angel (with Wee Man) bested Sara Marie Taylor with a moonsault.

Sara is such a great heel, in spite of how great she looks. This harks back to her full blown heel gimmick as part of a group called the Superior Talent Initiative (or S.T.I.). Wee Man came out before the match and basically just made various different innuendos which he basically started cracking up after he’d finished speaking on the mic (it shows how great a professional Sara is that she kept a straight face throughout).

5. Leah & Kasey Owens beat Lisa Fury & April Davids with stereo middle rope clotheslines.

This was the first time I’d seen the Owen Twins, who I’d heard great things about. This was a pretty funny Tag Team match, which is not what I’m used to when watching an April Davids match (but it proved she can work comedy if she needs to). Both Owens had hair extensions in which came out during the match and April made use of them coming out to attempt to choke the twins out.

6. Sakura Lilly pinned Kirsty Loveign (with James R Kennedy) with a flying bulldog.

This was a rare heel outing for Kirsty Love(ign) who was doing an emo rock chick type of gimmick. Kennedy managed to get a lot of heel heat from everyone in the crowd and you could hear the abuse from the back (from what I was told post-show). For the first time of seeing Sakura Lilly, she certainly has a bright future considering this was only her second none trainee show and she is only 11 months into her training.

7. Carmel Jacob beat Kay Lee Ray in a Last Woman Standing match when referee Jack Jester didn’t see KLR get back to her feet.

These girls are so clearly viewed as the top girls in Scotland by ICW (this is the second hardcore match that the two of them have had within a year for this promotion), and its clear to see why with the crazy weapon spots and a dive into the crowd by Kay Lee Ray. Kay Lee Ray went crazy post-match and hit a Swanton Bomb onto a chair on Carmel’s chest.

The show all in all was amazing and the attendance was announced as 300 (which was a sell out). The after-party was amazing and due to the EVE connection I was recognised by the usual people (I got a big hug from Viper and Rhia for travelling the distance).

April also got involved in a match against someone who had dressed up as CM Punk and made him tap out within a minute (Rhia started the ‘f**k him up April’ chants). Anyway, we all got quite drunk and 2 or 3 of the girls basically parted until they went to get their buses back down to London/wherever.

Moving on to the following day and I met Sakura Lilly at the Glasgow bus station, and we basically sat across from one another and chatted about wrestling for around 5 hours (which killed a lot of the journey back). I discovered that she mostly trains with men down in IPW in Kent and her main aspiration is to wrestle full time in Japan due to her love of anime.

We also came up with a few new gimmick ideas like a Shadow based character (from Sonic the Hedgehog), Sting type face paint (as I showed her how I’d dressed up for one of the EVE vs. Ice Ribbon weekend shows), and some sort of Mortal Kombat gimmick (as she had taken a Katana to the ring for her entrance the previous night).

I’ll be interested to see if she uses any of these in the future and I hope she turns up in Pro Wrestling EVE at some stage (she has had contact with Dann Read, who has suggested she finds a different gimmick due to EVE’s links with Emi Sakura, but likes the look of her).

All in all, this was an amazing weekend and I will definitely be going back (although next time I am going to get a Megabus that I can sleep all of the way back on, so that I can get back home and recover).


You can find out more about ICW: Fierce Females and purchase tickets on their official site at FierceFemales.co.uk, and follow and interact on Twitter (at @ICWFF) and Facebook (at Facebook.com/pages/Insane-Championship-Wrestling-Fierce-Females/179063575549622).

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