NXT Fusion: Marital Problems

by Firefly on 13th November 2010

The 9th November 2010 episode of NXT starts with Matt Striker a video recapping the events of last week, before Matt Striker is about to introduce the Rookie Divas but is interrupted by Goldust making his way to the ring.

Goldust says that he has been trying to call Aksana all week but she won’t pick up her phone, all he wants is an explanation and as he knows that she is there, demands that she goes out there immediately.

Aksana walks out with the Million Dollar Championship and asks if he’s heartbroken and honestly believed that she loved him or something, to which he says that he was just trying to help her and this was how she repaid him.

She agrees that they got married and now her immigration problems are over, so now she is able to stay in the United States, and that when they get divorced, she will get half of the title’s worth as it’s the American way, with her then bursting into a “USA” chant.

Goldust tells her to stop with the chant and calls her a conniving little Lithuanian witch and clueless as they are not in the United States but rather are in Manchester, England. He says that he thinks that although she may be able to stay in the United States, he thinks that she should just be kicked right out of here – at this point Naomi makes her way out and says that she doesn’t want Aksana kicked out.

Naomi says that she never bought any of the immigration story, and that although Aksana tries to walk around looking innocent, she sees right through her makeup. She says it was all a part of Aksana’s plan to become the centre of attention, to which she vehemently denies and says that if she were sent back she would be beaten with shovels and her dreams would go.

Naomi calls Aksana a gold-digger and a phony, saying that as she wanted attention, she’s got hers, so she wants to face her later on in the ring one-on-one. Aksana turns to her Pro Goldust and asks what she should do, to which he tells her that as her Pro she should step in the ring to get her butt kicked by Naomi.

Next, Striker informs us that it’s time for the “Arm Wrestling Challenge”, with A.J losing to Aksana, Kaitlyn defeating Naomi, and Kaitlyn winning the challenge after her opponent Aksana is disqualified by the referee for her hair-pulling attempts to gain an advantage.

Now, after a video recapping the match involving The Bella Twins and A.J two weeks ago, Nikki Bella (accompanied by Brie) is pitted against A.J (accompanied by her Pro Primo) in a match which sees A.J get the 3-count by rolling up Nikki, and though it had no bearing on it, a mention should go to an interruption during the match as a voice saying “Avast Virus Database has been updated” was broadcast over the PA system.

After we are asked to “Stand Up for the WWE” and a video hyping “The Rated R Superstar” Edge, Striker informs us that it’s time for the second challenge of the night with the “High School Photo Challenge” wherein the Rookie Divas must identify which Diva or Superstar the photo is of, which A.J wins.

We see a video going behind the scenes of “Knucklehead” starring The Big Show, followed by Michael Cole and Josh Mathews hyping the matches to take place at Survivor Series before we see a video recapping the events of last week’s NXT and SmackDown! (click here for our SmackDown! report) involving Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlyn.

Vickie confronts Kaitlyn backstage and says that she doesn’t know if beating her on SmackDown! Proved anything to her, but to herself it proves that she is better than her. Telling her not to roll her eyes at her, she says that she has tried to like Kaitlyn, but she is not worthy to be her Rookie as she does not have the ability, intelligence, or looks to be in her league.

She says that Dolph Ziggler said that she’s not even the woman she is, which Kaitlyn says is funny as she said that he’d said the same thing, especially as Vickie’s rear is so large. Vickie slaps Kaitlyn and a fight ensues, with Vickie getting the better of the exchange until the referees arrive to break it up.

Next up, Naomi (accompanied by her Pro Kelly Kelly) takes on Aksana (whose Pro Goldust comes out separately and supports Naomi instead) in a match that results in a victory for Naomi after she hits a side-kick.

Afterwards, Goldust congratulates Naomi and looks on with disappointment at Aksana as NXT goes off the air.

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