Raw Fusion: Old School

by Firefly on 24th November 2010

The 15th November 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with an intro comprising of the original music and the current Superstars in the style of the original video, followed by Raw opening with the siren.

Justin Roberts introduces “Mean” Gene Okerlund, followed by Okerlund introducing “Cowboy” Bob Orton and starting to introduce Randy Orton before Bob Orton interrupts him and says that he’s not there yet, but after talking to him he should be there very shortly.

He says that he doesn’t care if John Cena is the Special Guest Referee or about Cena’s career, so if it ends, that’s fantastic. Bob also says that he doesn’t care if Randy gives Barrett the RKO and then Cena the RKO, plus making Cena’s limp wrist count the three and raise his hand in victory, because Randy will walk out still the champion.

The Nexus’ music hits and Wade Barrett makes his way out to join Okerlund and Bob Orton, he says to him that the prediction is about as phony as the cast on his arm, and that he will defeat Randy Orton and in doing so do something that he never did – become the WWE Champion.

Barrett says that he doesn’t owe anything to the Old School as he got there on his own initiative and hard work, and that everything he has ever done will come to fruition on Sunday when John Cena raises his hand and declares him to be the WWE Champion, and the only reason he’s not calling out the rest of The Nexus to beat Bob Orton to a pulp is because he wants him to see what happens to Randy, which he says goes for Okerlund as well.

The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way out to them with Alex Riley, he talks about how he sent a message to Randy last week which changed the landscape of the 10-Man Tag Team match last week, just like he can change the landscape of the WWE by cashing in his Money In The Bank contract.

He says that he might just do so when Randy arrives later on, which would change things as Randy and Barrett wouldn’t be able to fight for the title, and John Cena would have to stay in The Nexus forever. Cena interrupts via the Titantron by saying that he’ll make sure that he doesn’t cash in anything tonight, as he challenges him to a match, which The Miz accepts.

Next, Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) takes on an “Old School” opponent in “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry. Ziggler gets the victory with the Sleeper Hold after being unable to put him away with the Zig-Zag.

Going backstage, The Hart Dynasty talk about not getting along with each other but still being able to their job, until they bump into Tony Atlas who talks non-stop about him and Rocky Johnson doing the same thing, even when The Hart Dynasty make their exit. We see Tony Atlas continuing to talk, but this time it is with Yoshi Tatsu unhappily listening until he decides to simulate stabbing himself.

Back in the arena, Justin Gabriel and and Heath Slater are pitted against The Hart Dynasty in a match which sees Gabriel get the 3-count with a 450-Splash after Kidd turns on Smith by giving him a kick to the head that knocks him down.

Backstage again, Okerlund interviews Randy Orton (with his father) about whether he will walk out as the WWE Champion but R-Truth interrupts and says that though he hates to say it, John Cena knew exactly what he was doing last week when he counted his shoulders for the 3.

He says that people like to think that Cena has a choice, but it’s obvious that Cena’s choice out of “Free or Fired” will be “Free”, but Randy has two choices of his own – either let it happen, or do something about it. Randy says that he does have one way that he can make sure that Cena doesn’t screw him over at Survivor Series, and that is if he punts him in the head later on on Raw.

Back in the arena once more, Justin Roberts introduces Howard Finkel, who in turn introduces The Brooklyn Brawler (accompanied by Harvey Whippleman). Brawler says he expected a standing ovation when he came to the ring, and he expects on when his match is over, with Whippleman continuing by saying that the Brawler wants to challenge anyone from the “New School” right now, getting his wish when Ezekiel Jackson makes his way out and quickly gets the win.

We see The Nexus backstage with David Otunga talking about him stepping up on SmackDown! and suggesting that one of them do so as well as R-Truth needs dealing with and as the leader… at this point Barrett interrupts and says that he is the leader, and as a matter of fact Otunga should be the one to do it, which he agrees to.

The sound plays and Michael Cole informs us that he has received an email from the Raw General Manager, saying that Otunga will not be facing R-Truth as he will be competing in a special match later on instead, with R-Truth instead going against Barrett.

Barrett is fine with it and says that the GM has a good point, with Harris and the others telling him that they have his back, but he tells them that it’s not necessary as he will prove that he can beat anybody on the Raw roster by himself, with Cena making himself known.

Cena says he wanted to make sure he had a grasp on his meltdown and maybe a thank you for taking care of The Miz, but Barrett is going to do so and Cena waves off Barrett telling Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty to follow Cena to the ring in case Randy Orton tries to do anything, explaining that if Randy wants some, he can come get some.

Cena goes against The Miz after video recaps the end of the match last week where The Miz interfered behind Cena’s back. The Miz says that Cena thinks that he is one step ahead of him and that he has one less thing left to worry about on Sunday, but as the GM hasn’t officially sanctioned the match, if it’s okay with the GM, he can make a substitution with Alex Riley taking his place, and Michael Cole not receiving any email indicating any objection.

Cena gets the victory after hitting Riley with an Attitude Adjustment and then make him tap out to the STF while staring right at Cena. Afterwards, The Miz enters the ring but so does Randy Orton, with Randy getting the better of the exchange until Harris and McGillicutty try to attack him but are also dispatched.

Randy turns around to see Cena and stare each other down until Cena throws the first shot but they are soon broken up by referees. Michael Cole receives another email and says that it is obvious that Cena and Randy Orton have issues to work out prior to Survivor Series, so as it is Old School Raw, he can’t think of a forum better than the ring with a man not afraid to ask to tough questions as they will both be guests on Piper’s Pit.

Howard Finkel introduces Nikolai Volkoffff and the Iron Sheik before asking people to respecVolkoff’s’s’s singing of the Soviet national anthem, with him singing for only a short while until Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov make their way to the ring.

Santino apologises for interrupting, but says that Kozlov would like to sing the Soviet national anthem with him, to which the duet happens until Santino interrupts and says that it was crushingly terrible, but there is one song that he would like everybody to hear as it will blow the roof off the place, but he needs somebody to help him do so – Slick.

Slick makes his way to the ring singing “Jive Soul Bro” as Sheik talks about how he is responsible for Hulkamania and asks for no USA chants but rather says that Russia and Iran are number one. The Uso’s music hits and they make their way out onto the stage before Finkel says that joining them in their corner in the match against Kozlov and Marella for the number one contendership to the WWE Tag Team Championships will be Tamina’s father; Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.

The match ends with Santino getting the win after hitting The Cobra, but there is not much chance to celebrate as Sheamus enters the ring and takes out Kozlov and one of the Uso’s before setting his eyes on Santino. John Morrison makes his way down and distracts Sheamus, pulling the rope down when he runs towards him and then kicking him in the head to knock him off the apron.

Morrison says that he keeps doing this because Sheamus is a bully, but if he wants a fight then he’s happy to give him one, but though Sheamus looks like he’s going to take him up on the offer, he leaves up the ramp instead.

Next, Otunga is pitted against Kofi Kingston in a match which sees George “The Animal” Steel interrupt to Otunga’s astonishment, eating one of the turnbuckles which then allows Kingston to bounce his head Otunga’s head off the exposed steel and hit Trouble In Paradise for the victory.

Morrison is seen talking to Gerald Brisco and Arn Anderson about Sheamus when Sheamus interrupts by hitting him with a kick to the head, and saying to them to tell Morrison when he wakes up that he accepts his challenge for a match at Survivor Series.

Aksana is walking backstage when “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan makes himself known with a “Hooooooooooooooooooo!” and tells her that she her mother is nearby. She walks up and tells her “mother” that she lost weight until they turn around and it is revealed to be “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes in a wig, who tells Kelly Kelly to drop the net which she then does.

Goldust comes in and takes the Million Dollar Championship from Aksana, telling her that she has been a naughty girl and as it’s cost him more grief than it’s worth, it’s time to return it to it’s rightful owner, then handing it to Ted DiBiase Sr. with Irwin R. Shyster telling him that he’ll find a good tax shelter for it.

DiBiase Sr. says that it actually belongs to his son as he gave it to him, offering it to him but DiBiase tells him to keep it as there is something else that he wants that is not a hand-me down. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes makes himself known and says that it ended far from dashing, with Goldust suggesting that he give him some grooming tips and walking off with him after Cody tells him not to breathe on him.

Dusty watches on and comments that he raised some weird kids, then says that he has an idea and to hit his music, then dancing along with everyone else (including Aksana in the net) plus Duggan and Tatanka until Ron Simmons walks in and stops it all with a “DAMN!”

R-Truth (accompanied by Eve) takes on Wade Barrett in a match which sees Barrett get the victory after hitting him with The Wastelands for the 3-count.

Ricardo Rodriguez starts to introduce Alberto Del Rio until Tito Santana’s music interrupts and says that they should do it the right way, and introduces Del Rio himself, who is driven to the ring by Chavo Classic.

Del Rio says that the other Legends should follow their example and show respect to him but instead Sergeant Slaughter makes his way to the ring and tells the “puke” to shut his hole and listen up, saying that there are two things that you don’t mess with; Legends and America.

He says that if he wants respect, how about he earn it by facing him in a match, then continuing by calling him scum, slime, and a maggot, to which Del Rio tells him to bring it and calling for a referee. The match ends with a victory for Del Rio after he hits Slaughter with an enziguri for the 3-count. Afterwards, he applies the Cross-Armbreaker with Slaughter tapping out until MVP runs to the ring for the save, forcing Del Rio to bail out up the ramp.

Okerlund introduces Mae Young (accompanied by The Bella Twins) and shows a video with the highlights of her antics in the WWE before LayCool make their way out onto the stage and insult her by asking if this is Jurassic Park.

Young ignores PG and calls them “sluts” and “bitches”, challenging them to a No-Disqualification match which LayCool extend to include Falls Count Anywhere and ask for a referee. Some backup for Young make their way out in the form of Natalya, Eve, Melina, and Gail Kim, with them then attacking them to allow Young to place a foot on Layla for the 3-count.

Much to the consternation of Cole, Finkel introduces the Special Guest Commentator “Good Ol’ J.R” Jim Ross for the match between Daniel Bryan and Jack Swagger. The match ends Bryan hitting a kick to the head to get the 3-count, but before he can celebrate the win, Ted DiBiase Jr. enters the ring and attacks Bryan.

He then takes the United States Championship from ringside and stares at it before laying on top of Bryan as his point has now been made, and leaving with Maryse.

After the Legends make their way out onto the stage and are introduced one-by-one, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is introduced to present Piper’s Pit. He talks about Old School being a time when you had to step up, like when he smashed Lou Albano in the face with a gold record and Jimmy Snuka with a coconut, and a time when if you had a problem you did something about it.

He introduces his first guest who is John Cena, and tells him that he has been competing for over thirty years but has never been the WWE Champion, and though it does eat at him a little bit, also naming other legends who never have become the WWE Champion, and if he thinks that he’s going to do what he thinks he’s going to do; that being giving Barrett the title without deserving it, it would be spitting in the face of the Legends he says that he respects.

Cena says that he has been working as far as he can so that guys like Piper say things like “that kid could have hung with us” and he looked up to them as a kid, and he has realised after thinking about it and all the hard work that he has been put in, he agrees with him and his decision is that whoever wins will earn it as although he is aware of the consequences, he doesn’t care and will call it right down the middle.

Barrett walks out and applauds Cena on what he said, saying that he doesn’t need his help and proved it, but says that though they were magnificent words, they are just words as they both know that there is a reality in place, the reality being that if Barrett doesn’t win the title, it is all over for Cena in the WWE.

Piper tells him to shut up and says that if Barrett lets Cena give him the title, he may have the title but he wouldn’t be a champion, he would just be a joke. Barrett asks who he is to cast judgement on him, saying that one night or another, this is Cena’s final night on Raw as a part of The Nexus and possibly even full stop, so he wants to do something that he should have done weeks ago, then handing him a Nexus t-shirt and telling him to put it on, which he does.

Cena reiterates that whatever happens in the match, he’s going to attack Barrett afterwards, to which he tells him that though The Nexus are banned from ringside, as soon as the bell rings they will be out there to neutralise any threat.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, and after grabbing a microphone says that since Cena counted the three last week, he’s been thinking about how he can put an end to all of this by kicking him in the skull to take him out, to which Cena asks him what’s stopping him, but is told that he has a better option; he could take him out or… he then attacks Barrett until Cena walks around and blocks him, getting an RKO for his troubles.

Randy Orton is sets up for the punt, throwing Barrett out of the ring when he tries to run at him, but Cena moves out of the way and hits him with an Attitude Adjustment. Barrett re-enters the ring and wants Cena to raise his hand, but although it appears that he will do so, he instead hits him with an Attitude Adjustment, then taking off The Nexus t-shirt and leaving up the ramp as Raw goes off the air.

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