NXT Fusion: A Golden Divorce

by Firefly on 24th November 2010

The 16th November 2010 episode of NXT starts with the elimination to take place later on being hyped, followed by Matt Striker introducing the Rookie Divas to the ring.

Striker says that there are only two weeks left in the competition and after congratulating A.J and Kaitlyn for winning the challenges last week, he says that it is time to find out how well they know their WWE Pros as he then introduces them. The objective of the challenge is for the Rookie Divas and the Pros to have matching answers, with A.J being declared the winner.

Naomi and Kaitlyn (accompanied by their Pros) are pitted against each other in a match which sees Naomi get the victory after a kick to the jaw, with Vickie venting her frustration about the result at her Rookie.

After a video recapping the match between Aksana and Naomi last week, we see Aksana and Goldust backstage, with her apologising to him and giving him flowers, but comparing the marriage to Lord Of The Rings, with him reluctantly agreeing to accompany her to her match.

Aksana is set to take on A.J, but after Goldust takes a few steps down the ramp, he throws the flowers to the floor and walks back up to the Pros’ seating area, much to her confusion when she looks back after entering the ring. A.J gets the win after forcing Aksana to tap out to an Octopus Hold.

It’s time for a “Diss The Divas” challenge, with A.J going first, followed by Aksana, Kaitlyn, then Naomi, with the crowd choosing Naomi as the winner. Striker informs A.J that she has earned immunity from elimination and tells the Pros to start voting before a music video hypes John Cena and the problems with The Nexus.

Striker asks the Divas what they are looking for from the Rookies in order for them to become the next breakout Diva, and though Brie starts to say something, Nikki interrupts and says that they are looking for class and respect, which she says that some of the girls backstage don’t have class and none have respect, then saying that none of the Rookies compare to them and shouldn’t be on TV.

Alicia Fox says that she feels like an employee at “Diva Day Care” as she doesn’t know whether the girls can compare to her as this is not Disney but rather WWE, and if you were to ask her Rookie Maxine, she would tell you that she is a hungry piranha, so she is looking for a woman.

It is now time to find out who is going to be eliminated from NXT and it is revealed to be Aksana, with her doing an over the top collapsing before Striker asks her if she wants to say anything, to which she says that somebody made a mistake and she will fight for it, then walking up the ramp where Goldust blocks her from passing before telling her that he wants a divorce.

After she walks backstage and we see the remaining Rookie Divas reactions as NXT goes off the air.

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