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by Firefly on 24th November 2010

The 19th November 2010 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a video recapping the events involving Edge, Kane, and Paul Bearer, followed by Ricardo Rodriguez introducing Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio talks about how Survivor Series will be great after twenty four years because it will involve him leading Team Del Rio to victory against Team Mysterio. He says that Mysterio’s not the only one who likes to be destroyed as a video recapping his match with Sergeant Slaughter on “Old School” Raw is shown (click here for our Raw report).

He says that he took Slaughter and made him cry, because when it comes to heroes he is our hero – MVP’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with a microphone, translating the crowd’s cheers to be saying “please punch Alberto Del Rio in the mouth” as they are tired of seeing him disrespect people in the ring.

He tells him that people like Del Rio are a dime a dozen, listing names of the Legends to say that they paved the way for his big mouth, which he says it not even a drop in the bucket compared to what the Legends built.

Del Rio says that the only reason MVP holds the Legends in the highest regard is because he’ll never be one, whereas he himself is already one, with MVP suggesting that they start of Survivor Series early by him giving Del Rio a beat-down.

Del Rio says there will be a fight, but it will be Del Rio against Rey Mysterio, but even if he wasn’t in a match already, MVP wouldn’t be able to handle him, but as he really wants to fight, he’ll bring somebody from Team Del Rio to face him – Drew McIntyre. The match ends with MVP getting the victory after hitting a drive-by kick on McIntyre.

We see Edge talking to a tied-up Paul Bearer, saying that he looks a little sickly, but after removing the tape from his mouth has him yelling for Kane, he replaces it and tells him that maybe Kane would help him if he knew where they were, but neither he nor anyone else will be able to find them, but if Bearer’s a good boy, they might go see him by the end of the night.

Edge has an idea – they should have a drag race, with Edge wheeling a wheelchair of his own off until he goes back to Bearer and asks him what other games he may like, listing a few until he says that he’s had a better idea.

Chavo Guerrero is seen talking to Theodore Long when Kane makes himself known and Chavo quickly leaves. Kane asks Long where he is but is told that he doesn’t know, with Long running away when Kane isn’t happy with the answer and starts trashing the room.

Next, Chris Masters is pitted against Jack Swagger in a match which sees Swagger get the win after Masters is forced to tap out to the Ankle-lock.

We see Edge with Bearer again, and Edge says that he’ll need to be on the top of his game to beat Kane and perhaps he can help him with that by showing his agility as they are going to play a game of Dodgeball.

Edge throws the ball a number of times, missing the first twice, hitting a low blow with it the next time, and finishing with a shot right to the head with it, then telling him that was really using his head.

Now, Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) goes against Kaval, calling him a nobody before the match takes place. Kaval gets the victory by reversing Ziggler’s pin attempt into a pin of his own and bridging it, then celebrating until he grabs a microphone and tells Ziggler that “this nobody” beat him and as the winner of NXT he is going to use his guaranteed title opportunity at a Pay-Per-View of his choice by facing Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series.

We see Edge pushing Bearer around before he says that he has now built up an appetite so is going to get something from Pizza Hut that he ordered earlier, before we go back to the arena where Kofi Kingston takes on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. The match ends with Rhodes getting the victory after hitting Kingston with Cross-Rhodes.

After we see Kane backstage talking to a terrified-looking Rosa Mendes about how Bearer has always been there for him, what Edge is doing, and what he will do to him when he sees him, Kelly Kelly and Natalya are pitted against LayCool. The match ends with Layla getting the win for her team after she and Michelle hit Natalya with a double kick to the face.

To Edge and Bearer once more and he notices that Bearer must be hungry, deciding to dump food on his head – first bread sticks, then marinara sauce, shoving brownies in his ear, hot wings on his chest, and finally pepperoni pizza on his head before he says that he thinks that they are finally ready to see Kane.

After Kane is shown once more backstage seeming to have an angry tantrum until he collapses into tears, The Big Show goes against Tyler Reks in a match which sees Show hit Reks with a Chokeslam for the victory.

Josh Mathews interviews Alberto Del Rio, asking him if he is confident that he will be able to defeat Rey Mysterio later on, to which Del Rio says that Mysterio is not a survivor and does not have the essence of excellence, and that at Sunday at Survivor Series, he is going to be a witness to his greatness as he gives an authentic hero to the WWE.

After a music video hyping John Cena and the events involving him and The Nexus, Edge and Bearer are shown in the parking lot of the arena. Edge comments that he doesn’t see Kane anywhere and after his own calls for Kane do not yield a response, he allows Bearer to yell for him before replacing the tape on his mouth and wheeling him back into the car.

Kane is shown walking down the halls calling for Bearer until he reaches the parking lot and finds him, asking him where Edge is before turning round to look and not seeing him perched atop the car until he turns around once more and is dived onto by Edge and thrown into something nearby.

Edge gets back in the car tells Kane that he’ll see him on Sunday in Miami, wondering how Bearer will look in a Speedo, and though he doesn’t know if he can swim, he’ll see if he floats, then driving off with Bearer still in the back seat, Kane trying to run after it but having to give up his effort.

Back in the arena, Del Rio takes on Mysterio in a match which sees Del Rio bail out after the 619 attempt by Mysterio and Team Del Rio rush the ring to attack Mysterio, followed by Team Mysterio joining the fray.

Theodore Long makes his way onto the stage and says that if everybody from both teams want to mix it up, they’re going to do it right wish a 10-Man Survivor Series Showdown Battle Royal. The match ends with The Big Show and Rey Mysterio winning the match for their team as they eliminate the last member of the opposing team which is Jack Swagger.

Show and Mysterio celebrate in the ring, with Del Rio watching from the ramp as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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