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by Firefly on 24th November 2010

WWE Survivor Series 2010 starts with Ted DiBiase (accompanied by Maryse) taking on Daniel Bryan for the United States Championship. The match ends with Bryan getting the victory after DiBiase is forced to tap out to the Sharpshooter.

Afterwards, Bryan celebrates and starts to walk up the ramp but as he celebrates on the ramp facing the crowd, he is ambushed by The Miz and Alex Riley, with The Miz knocking him down with the briefcase before continuing to the ring and grabbing a microphone.

The Miz talks about being a citizen of Cleveland, Ohio and compares The Nexus to Miami’s NBA team, saying that they are both arrogant, despised by millions, overrated and hopelessly mediocre. He says that both LeBron James and Wade Barrett both think that they are entitled to a championship, but only Barrett has an actual chance of becoming a champion.

Addressing Barrett, he tells him that he doesn’t care what happens to Cena, but all he and Randy Orton need to know is that he is tired of carrying the briefcase, so it’s not a matter of if, but a simply matter of when, because he is The Miz and we are all witnesses to the fact that he is Awesome.

Backstage, after a video recapping the events on Raw between Sheamus and John Morrison (click here for our Raw report), Josh Mathews interviews Sheamus asking him for his thoughts on being called a bully. Sheamus says that he is jealous of the fact that he is a former WWE Champion, and if Morrison doesn’t like it, he won’t shove his head in a toilet or shove him in a locker, but what he will do is break his will and his body.

Now, Sheamus is pitted against John Morrison in a match which sees Morrison get the win with a running knee strike. Afterwards, we see a video hyping “Knucklehead” starring The Big Show before we then see John Cena backstage, walking back and forth until R-Truth approaches him.

Cena says that none of this is any of his business and asks what he wants, to which Truth says that may have a solution for this – The Nexus is banned from ringside, but Truth is not, so asks what is to say that he were to go down there and something were to “accidentally” happen to Randy Orton.

Cena declines, saying that he made a promised to call it right down the middle, but Truth says that he’ll believe it when he sees it.

Next up, Kaval goes against Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) in a match which sees Ziggler retain the title after rolling through the pin attempt to one of his own and getting the 3-count thanks to holding the tights.

Going backstage, Todd Grisham interviews Jack Swagger, asking him what it is like being a part of Team Del Rio, to which he says that as the only former world champion on the team, it should be called “Team All-American Americans”.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes makes himself known and says that he knows where the animosity stems from as he caught him trying to get into a club the night before with the most busted shoes he’s ever seen, to which Swagger interjects the shoes belonged to his grandfather and are “vintage”.

Del Rio makes himself known along with Drew McIntyre and Tyler Reks, and says that he bet them a dinner that when Jack Swagger starts talking there would be a train of interruptions, calling it boring and telling them that they are there to destroy Rey Mysterio and his friends.

He says that if they do so, he buys the beers, and that he is the captain, the one and only Alberto Del Rio, to which Rhodes comments to Swagger that he hates to admit it, but he’s good.

Back in the arena, Team Mysterio take on Team Del Rio in a match which sees Team Mysterio get the victory after Mysterio hits a 619 on McIntyre, followed by a Chokeslam by The Big Show.

After a video of stick-figure animations hyping the WWE TLC Pay-Per-View on December 19th, Josh Mathews interviews Randy Orton and starts asking about John Cena until Orton interrupts and says that he is sick and tired of talking about John Cena, and that though he feels for the guy, he brought it on himself so he’s not thinking about Cena.

He says that he’s thinking about Barrett and how he is going to retain the WWE Championship, and that as Cena knows him, he knows that being fired is the best situation to be in rather than be faced with what Orton would do to him if he screwed him over.

He says that he doesn’t care about Barrett, Cena, or The Miz and that all he cares about is walking out as the WWE Champion, so as far as he is concerned, it’s not about whether Cena is “Free or Fired” but rather Wade Barrett “Punt or RKO”.

Next, LayCool take on Natalya in a 2-on-1 Handicap match for the Divas Championship with the rules being that LayCool must tag each other in. The match ends with Natalya getting the victory to become the new Divas Champion after she applies the Sharpshooter to Michelle and forces her to tap out.

Afterwards, Natalya is in tears but she doesn’t get much chance to celebrate as LayCool attacks her from behind, starting a beat-down until Beth Phoenix’s music hits and she runs down to make the save. She makes Layla pay by stopping her from fleeing the ring and hitting her with the Glam Slam, before congratulating Natalya and hoisting her onto her shoulders to celebrate.

After a video recapping the events involving Kane, Paul Bearer, and Edge over the past few weeks (click here for our SmackDown! report), Kane is pitted against Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, with Edge playing mind games before the match by wheeling out an empty wheelchair.

The match ends with Kane retaining the title after being hit with a Spear by Edge and the positions of their bodies meaning that both of their shoulders were down for the 3-count, causing a tie which means that the reigning champion retains the title.

Afterwards, Kane starts to attack Edge, trying to get him to tell him where Paul Bearer is until Edge is able to turn it around. After beating Kane into the empty wheelchair, Edge pushes him through the dividing wall, leaving Kane lying as he leaves up the ramp.

After a video hyping WrestleMania 27 (XXVII), we see John Cena backstage with the referee shirt in his hands, then being approached by Wade Barrett who asks him if he remembers the building. He tells him that it was June 7th 2010, he was the WWE Champion at the time and it was where The Nexus chose to make their mark on history, interrupting his match and giving him the worst beating of his career.

He says that left him a broken, battered shell of a man, asking him if he ever thought that one day he would be a part of The Nexus, and an instrumental part in making Barrett the WWE Champion, with Barrett telling him that the only reason he wasn’t fired for pulling the stunt he did on Raw was because he chose not to.

Barrett tells Cena that he just has to do his job to be out of The Nexus forever, but if he chooses otherwise, it will be all over for him, then asking if he makes himself clear. Cena says that he does remember the building and everything The Nexus has ever done to him, but Barrett should remember that later on when the time is right, he’ll know exactly what he’s doing.

Now, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov go against Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater of The Nexus in a match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Slater gets the win and retains the title for his team after hitting Santino with a jumping neckbreaker for the 3-count after he is distracted by Otunga and McGillicutty.

Afterwards, the lights flash and the sound plays as Michael Cole informs us that he has received an email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager, reminding everyone that The Nexus is banned from ringside in the upcoming WWE Championship match, and that if any member of The Nexus attempts to interfere, the whole group will be indefinitely suspended, so he advises them to leave the ring immediately, which they then do.

After a music video involving Cena’s involvement with The Nexus and the additional complications it provides with Randy Orton, Wade Barrett takes on Randy Orton in a match for the WWE Championship, with John Cena being the Special Guest Referee.

The match ends with Orton retaining the title after hitting an RKO on Barrett after Cena returns a shove, and though Cena hesitates on the third count, he continues it anyway which means that Cena is fired.

Afterwards, Cena removes the referee shirt and The Nexus’ armband before walking over with the intention of attacking Barrett, but instead having to fight off the rest of The Nexus who enter the ring, and though he manages to fight them off with the help of Orton, they manage to retreat with Barrett.

Cena exits the ring and grabs the title, he presents it to Orton, who celebrates on the turnbuckle with it before exiting up the ramp, raising the title once more when he reaches the stage before going backstage.

Cena removes his wrist bands and drops them in the middle of the ring before saluting the crowd, then exiting the ring to first hug Michael Cole, then hug some fans as he makes his way out of the arena, in particular Rick Achberger (WWE Sign Guy).

He looks like he is about to go backstage, but instead he leaves the stage and makes his way around the arena through the crowd, greeting them as he passes before finally going back up the ramp and leaving as Survivor Series goes off the air.

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