NXT Fusion: Last Sumo Standing

by Firefly on 28th November 2010

The 23rd November 2010 episode of NXT starts with a video recapping the elimination of Aksana last week, followed by Matt Striker introducing the remaining Rookie Divas as they make their way to the ring.

Striker informs us that the first challenge is going to be “WWE Trivia”, with the first round being all things NXT and the second all things WWE. A.J wins the challenge with a score of 1300 points against Naomi’s 100 points and Kaitlyn’s zero.

Next, Kaitlyn takes on Nikki Bella (accompanied by Brie) in a match which sees Nikki get the victory with a sit-out facebuster. Afterwards, a video recapping John Cena’s goodbye on Raw is shown, followed by a video hyping Edge.

Now, Naomi is pitted against A.J in a Rookie vs. Rookie match which sees Naomi forced to tap out when A.J locks her into the Octopus Hold.

Time for the second challenge, and after introducing the Rookie Divas once more, it is revealed to be the “Last Sumo Standing” wherein the Rookie Divas in their Sumo suits have to push their opponent outside of the circle to become the winner.

Due to winning the earlier challenge, A.J is to go against the winner of Naomi vs. Kaitlyn, which is Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn wins the challenge after also defeating A.J by pushing her out of the circle, but as Michael Cole points out it doesn’t really mean anything as none of them get any immunity from elimination later on.

After a video hyping the WWE TLC Pay-Per-View is shown, followed by a video hyping Sheamus’ accomplishments in the WWE, we see a video recapping the events of Raw in which The Miz became the new WWE Champion (click here for our Raw report).

We go to Striker backstage with the Rookie Divas, and he asks each of them who they think should be the one to be eliminated later on. A.J and Kaitlyn think that Naomi should go as they are both interested to see how it could play out with the two friends against each other in the final, but Naomi counters that by saying that nothing would happen as Kaitlyn can’t wrestle and therefore she should be the one to go home.

Next up, the Rookie Divas to be eliminated is revealed, and rather shockingly it is A.J. When asked to say her piece, A.J thanks everybody for voting for her and acknowledges that she is not a Supermodel, but says that she is a girl who stays home to play video games which is a girl that the WWE Universe is ready to see.

She says that she has fought for this her entire life, so if we think that this is the last time we will see her, we would be mistaken as she will be back and she will accomplish her dreams. After recapping the reactions to the eliminations, Cole and Mathews also express their shock at the result, then remind us that next week is the final of Season 3, as NXT goes off the air.

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