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by Firefly on 29th November 2010

The 26th November 2010 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with Kane making his way to the ring and grabbing a microphone, before talking about his feelings for his father, about Edge’s abduction of Paul Bearer and taunting and concluding with the fact that he still retained the title despite it (click here for our Survivor Series report).

Edge’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage with an empty wheelchair, before telling Kane that Bearer was sitting in the wheelchair a few moments before and if he wants him back, he only has to ask.

Kane yells that he has been doing so and to give him back his father, but Edge tells him that he won’t with that attitude, instead asking him to ask politely. Kane does so a number of times, but each time Edge calls them insincere and walks off after that last one.

Next up is the first of the King Of The Ring qualifying matches for the SmackDown! participants, pitting Kofi Kingston against Jack Swagger (accompanied by the Swagger Soaring Eagle). The match ends with Kingston hitting Trouble In Paradise for the victory.

Backstage, Kane apologises to Theodore Long for intimidating him and wrecking his office last week before asking him to do what’s right, saying surely he was close with his own father. Edge makes himself known on the monitor, he says there are some things that you can count on – like Mother Nature calling.

He says that from the smell of Bearer, Mother Nature is really calling him, so if Kane wants to join them, they are on the other side of the arena by the cotton candy stand, and asking Bearer his thoughts, he gets a response that Edge and the crowd in the arena didn’t deserve a father and even if they did, they’d still be bastards.

Kane stands outside the bathrooms in which Bearer and Edge are said to be, but opening the door to one shows an empty wheelchair and a sign saying “Gone Fishin’”, causing him to angrily stomp away.

Josh Mathews interviews Alberto Del Rio, asking him his thoughts on people saying that his match later on against The Big Show has himself as the underdog. Del Rio says that at Survivor Series he learned a valuable lesson; never share the spotlight with people who are not his equal, like The Big Show. He says that he will be victorious in his match, and on Raw he will be King Alberto Del Rio.

Now, Del Rio takes on The Big Show in the next qualifying match, which ends in Del Rio’s earlier prediction coming true as he is indeed victorious, thanks to his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez distracting Show for long enough for him to get counted out.

As Del Rio makes his way up the ramp, Edge makes himself known as the camera zooms in to find him on one of the balconies inside the arena. He wishes everybody the happiest of holidays, talking about the holidays being about bonding and conversing, then asking Kane to come out so that they can have a nice chat man-to-man, then letting Bearer to call for him by yelling into the microphone for a few moments.

Kane makes his way out onto the stage and says “how dare you”, to which Edge asks what he’s referring to, citing an example of him possibly shoving Bearer down the stairs. Kane calls Edge cold blooded, a miscreant, heartless, and a monster.

Edge says that after all the things Kane has done over the years, it sounds like he is describing himself but just doesn’t like it when he’s done to him. He says he’s going to do the right thing and ask the crowd what he thinks that he should do with Bearer.

He asks Bearer what he thinks he should do, but he gets a response of Bearer saying how much he hates the crowd. He moves on to ask the crowd whether he should give Bearer to Kane, which doesn’t get a good response, and then asks whether he should shove Bearer down the stairs, to which he gets a very favourable response.

Kane interrupts and tells him to stop and that he knows what he wants, that all this is get Kane to agree to give him a World Heavyweight Championship match, saying that he can have it and asks if he is satisfied.

Edge says that he is satisfied and agrees to the match himself, then asking Kane to come up and join them. As Kane makes his way up, Edge says to meet them at the Hot Dog stand where he is taking Bearer to make him more comfortable. As Kane gets through the curtains however, he is once again confronted with an empty wheelchair, leaving him angry and appearing unsure about what to do about it next.

Next, MVP takes on Drew McIntyre in the next King Of The Ring qualifying match, with McIntyre getting the win after taking advantage of MVP’s arm injury by hitting the Future-Shock DDT for the 3-count.

Backstage again, we see Swagger blaming the Swagger Soaring Eagle on the result of his match, telling him to “straighten up and fly right”, before walking off and we then see Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle appears ready to eat when Rosa Mendes makes herself known and presents him with a Thanksgiving dinner that she says she promised him.

Unfortunately for Hornswoggle, upon lifting the lid it appears to be very overcooked and after looking disappointing for a few moments, the Swagger Soaring Eagle walks by, with Hornswoggle perking up and grabbing his knife and fork again as he seems to spot the upset Eagle standing nearby and thinks it a likely replacement.

Rosa takes them from him as he climbs onto the table, telling him that he can’t eat the Eagle, but he gets out his bow and arrow, letting one loose as a cockerel-type yell is then heard. Satisfied at his work, Hornswoggle picks up his cutlery and walks off towards his dinner.

Back in the arena, LayCool make their way to the ring complaining about how their week is the worst ever, citing Survivor Series as when Natalya stole their title, then her getting them kicked off Monday Night Raw, before things get slightly brighter and Layla comments that they are now in Michelle’s hometown of Jacksonville, Florida for SmackDown! (ignoring the fact that she is actually from Palatka, Florida).

They talk about how amazing and gorgeous the people there are, until they revert to their true colours by adding an dual exclamation of “not”. They say to forget about the people as they don’t matter, they have each other and they will always be “Flawless”.

Now, Kelly Kelly (herself really coming from Jacksonville, Florida and getting a better reaction) goes against Michelle McCool in a match which sees Kelly counter Michelle’s attempt to pick her up by her legs into a victory roll for the 3-count.

Afterwards, LayCool start to attack Kelly, before Beth Phoenix’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring for the save, finishing it by hitting a Glam Slam on Layla.

After a video recapping John Cena’s goodbye, we see a Raw Rebound video recapping the match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett as well as The Miz cashing in his Money In The Bank contract (click here for our Raw report).

Next up, Rey Mysterio takes on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, with Alberto Del Rio joining the announcers at ringside to watch. The match ends with Rhodes hitting the Cross-Rhodes for the victory after Mysterio’s lower extremities are subjected to the ring post by Del Rio when the referee doesn’t see it, thanks to an accidental shove knocking him down.

Backstage once more, Kane confronts Long saying that he has tried reasoning with and talking to Edge, but he won’t listen and it’s all Long’s fault. Edge makes himself known on the monitor again, telling him that there is no sense in losing his temper, so he should do like Bearer and he are by getting some fresh air outside in the parking lot, in Jacksonville, Florida (repeating the name a number of times before asking Bearer if it was too many).

Kane makes his way out to the parking lot when a car drives into the wheelchair to knock it over, but a closer inspection by Kane shows that Bearer wasn’t really in it and that it was just made up to look like he was.

The car drives up once more and the windows go down to show Edge in the driver’s seat and Bearer in the back, before Edge utters “whoops” and then drives off, leaving an angry Kane standing to watch as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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