Hamada we hardly knew ye (aka another terrible decision by TNA)

by Dave on 8th December 2010

So yet again I must rant about TNA and the increasingly poor decisions of one Dixie Carter. I talk of course of the release of Ayako Hamada, one of the most talented women I have had the fortune to see wrestle live (in a great match against Amazing Red on the Maximum Impact tour in January this year). The good thing is (as long as Shimmer still book her) its not the last time we will see her.

Anyway I digress, Hamada joins the talented roster of stars that have left since the beginning of Hogan’s tenure and I for one want to know why TNA think that losing them is a good move for business. Anyway here is the list of those released (who I class as having been assets to TNA):
– Alissa Flash
– Christopher Daniels
– Homicide
– Awesome Kong
– Consequences Creed

Now as I have ranted before in many places I CAN’T SEE HOW LOSING THESE TALENTED STARS IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS!!! Admittedly some asked for their release, but you have to ask why in most of the cases (perhaps the sinking ship principle, who knows). I only hope someone can get in and sort out TNA soon (as well as getting rid of those who are costing TNA such a rediculous amount like Hogan, Bischoff, Hardy and RVD).

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