Getting Young Talent Over

by Chris Gorst on 13th July 2008

NB: This column was originally posted on June 2nd 2008 on the original site. This is just so people are aware, I am not posting an idea after it has happened.

Hello and welcome to my debut blog. I was thinking of a name for the column but I couldn’t come up with anything inventive and new. So, here we are, this is my first column so for those who don’t know me, I will give you a bit of information about myself. My name is Chris, I have followed professional wrestling from the age of 4 years old (I have been watching it for 18 years, do the math). In my time I have seen wrestling from all around the world, from the UK to the USA via Europe, Japan, Mexico and Canada. I have attended many live wrestling events from WWE, TNA and ROH (I wish I had the ability to see more, but most UK promotions are too far from where I live to get to on a regular basis). I prefer to watch TNA and ROH to WWE, but I do keep up with the WWE product and have seen a small number of shows in the past 8 months. One of which stood out was this past weeks RAW, more specifically the debut of Ted DiBiase Jr.

So, with the introductions out of the way, here we are. As I mentioned above, the debut of Ted DiBiase Jr has given me a thought. WWE have 3 young second generation talents on the RAW roster. Ted DiBiase Jr, Cody Rhodes and Harry ”DH” Smith.

Cody is one of the most boring people in the world right now, there is nothing that makes him stand out from anyone other than he is wearing one half of the tag titles and Harry has been in booking limbo ever since he has returned from his wellness failure. He has had about 3 minutes of TV time and he hasn’t gotten any offence at all. So, 3 young guys on the roster, why not use this to your advantage. This column looks at something I think WWE has failed at in recent years, and that is creating new stars. Punk, Kennedy and MVP are the only ones who WWE have at least put some effort into since Cena and Batista.

So Ted DiBiase is making his in-ring debut soon, and his claim that he would win the World Tag Team championships in his debut match. You see, I like this idea, DiBiase can use his fathers gimmick of being able to pay people off. He also has a solid foundation to become a heel. My idea is to create a power stable of young talent, but not really to the extent that they’d take the top title.

Right now, WWE has the tag team titles on a makeshift team of Rhodes and Holly. To start this stable off, I would have segments running throughout the night with DiBiase looking for a partner with the final one him going into a room. From there, we don’t see anything before the match. The match starts and DiBiase comes out alone and the announcers speculate he has no partner. This leads to Holly kicking DiBiase around the ring before hitting an Alabama Slam. After he hits it, he goes to finish it, but Rhodes wants in to get the pin, so Holly tags out and Rhodes comes in, thinking the match is won Holly plays to the crowd turning his back on the ring. During this time, Rhodes lays down and pulls DiBiase on top of him, Holly hears the count and thinks his team has won, he turns around on the count of 2 and sees the titles being lost. Post match he argues with Rhodes before DiBiase lays him out with a title belt. He then hands one of the belts over to Rhodes along with a roll of cash and announces that his partner is Cody Rhodes. The turn on Holly would get him over as a heel and would actually make him slightly interesting. We could also get Ted DiBiase Snr as the mouthpiece for the stable.

The following week, we would see phase two of the stables birth. We get Chris Jericho taking on DH Smith in a match expected to be a squash. During the match, Ted DiBiase’s theme plays and the Million Dollar Man makes his way out and offers Jericho a large sum of money to lose the title to DH. Jericho refuses and out of nowhere, Rhodes and DiBiase jump Jericho beating him senseless with a weapon. As the ref calls for the bell, Ted DiBiase talks about being friends with Vince and he had Vince make the match a No DQ so it’s still going. DH then covers Jericho and takes the Intercontinental title.

This is a shout to a time in history when titles were used as a way to elevate younger talent and putting them into the spotlight. Not how they are being used now as a way for people who aren’t getting a WWE title shot anytime in the near future to have something shiny to hold. As well as elevating 3 new talents, we also have a powerful stable in WWE, granted, its nothing like Evolution, but it’d be a way for 3 youngsters to be seen by the fans and actually get a reaction.

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