How it looks…..After the 2008 Draft

by Chris Gorst on 13th July 2008

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So, the WWE Draft has come and gone as has the supplemental draft which happened on this past Wednesday. While looking through the results of the drafts, some are expected, some are understandable and some are just really pointless. Without further ado, here are the draft results in full.

RAW got:

Rey Mysterio (SmackDown!)
CM Punk (ECW)
Michael Cole (SmackDown!)
Batista (SmackDown!)
Kane (ECW)
Jamie Noble (SmackDown!)
Deuce (SmackDown!)
Chuck Palumbo (SmackDown!)
Matt Striker (ECW)
Layla (ECW)
Kofi Kingston (ECW)

SmackDown! got:

Jeff Hardy (RAW)
Jim Ross (RAW)
Umaga (RAW)
Mr Kennedy (RAW)
Triple H (RAW)
Trevor Murdoch (RAW)
Big Daddy V (ECW)
DH Smith (RAW)
Brian Kendrick (RAW)
Maria (RAW)
Shelton Benjamin (ECW)
Carlito (RAW)

ECW got:

Matt Hardy (SmackDown!)
Mark Henry (SmackDown!)
Hornswoggle (SmackDown!)
Super Crazy (RAW)
Finlay (SmackDown!)

So, in total, RAW gained 11 superstars and lost 11. SmackDown! gained 12 and lost 10, ECW lost 6 and gained 4 1/2. All in all, ECW was the biggest loser and SmackDown! was the biggest winner. RAW got a few good trades in Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Batista and ECW champion Kane. ECW really lost on this draw though as Finlay and Hornswoggle and Super Crazy aren’t really on the level of Kofi Kingston, Kane and CM Punk. SmackDown! did pretty well, Ken Kennedy and Triple H are the best of the draw, but my confusion comes in the form of Brian Kendrick. Why split up London and Kendrick? I’m personally expecting a mass firing in the coming weeks and with the possibility of Charlie Haas and Paul London being released (since there really is nothing for them).

I think WWE would have been better moving London and Kendrick to ECW and having them be a new team for M&M to feud with over the titles (since RAW has titles but no division). The biggest deal ECW got was Matt Hardy, but losing their champion and the Money in the Bank winner. Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin, one of the biggest feuds on the brand, well, that’s gone, with Kofi now on RAW and Benjamin traded to SmackDown!

I understand the whole wanting new feuds, but I’d say we need some closure. They run an Extreme Rules match on ECW between Kofi and Benjamin so that’s not too bad. Ken Kennedy was in the middle of a feud with Paul Burchill, but I doubt we will get anything further with that. We now have a couple of new feuds in the SmackDown! main event though, Triple H vs Edge and Ken Kennedy vs Edge.

To me, the draft was a double edged blade. We don’t get closure on a number of feuds, we won’t see London and Kendrick teaming up again, but we will see SmackDown! become a decent show again.

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