NXT Fusion: Diva Decision

by Firefly on 10th December 2010

The 30th November 2010 episode of NXT starts with a video hyping that the winner of Season 3 will be chosen later on, followed by Michael Cole informing us that everybody has been talking about his involvement in the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match on Raw (click here for our Raw report) and that he will talk about it next week on Raw.

Matt Striker introduces Vickie Guerrero who introduces her Rookie Diva Kaitlyn and accompanies her to the ring, followed by Striker introducing Naomi. After congratulating them both on reaching the finale of Season 3, a video is shown of Naomi’s Pro Kelly Kelly (as she is away visiting the troops) telling her how proud she is of her, followed by Naomi saying her thoughts on Kelly Kelly.

Moving on to Kaitlyn and Vickie Guerrero, Vickie says that she’ll answer for Kaitlyn, she talks about how she regrets the decision of picking her to be her new Rookie, with Kaitlyn trying to interrupt but being unsuccessful in doing so until Vickie accuses her of trying to steal her boyfriend.

Kaitlyn says that she refuses for her last night on NXT to be ruined by another petty argument with her, and that as hard as it is to believe, at Thanksgiving she gave thanks for having Vickie as her Pro – but that it’s obvious Vickie gave thanks for the second helping of mashed potatoes. Vickie starts to walk off but is pushed over by her, causing her to throw a tantrum and leave in a huff.

After R-Truth is revealed to be one of the Pros for Season 4, with his Rookie being Johnny Curtis, we have a 6-Diva Tag Team match pitting A.J and The Bella Twins against Alicia Fox, Maxine and Aksana. A.J wins the match with a Cross-body from the top and her former Pro Primo comes down to the ring to celebrate with her, with the celebration turning into a kiss between them as Michael Cole taunts that the win doesn’t mean anything as she was already eliminated.

After Chris Masters is revealed as another Pro, with his Rookie being Byron Saxton, and Ted DiBiase (with Maryse) is also revealed as a Pro, and his Rookie is Brodus Clay, it’s time for a Diva Face-Off.

Kaitlyn goes first and says that she had her first match on NXT, but since then she has stepped it up and will get better, unlike Naomi who she says wowed people at first, but then flat-lined, because she doesn’t have something that she has and which can’t be taught – personality.

Naomi says that the time is now (causing Cole to mutter a few lines of John Cena’s theme) and that she is ready right now, that she doesn’t need to trash talk and has had enough of “Diss The Diva”, so just wants to let everyone know that she has had a lot of fun of NXT, and that whether she wins or loses, she can leave with her head held high.

Next up, Kaitlyn takes on Naomi in a match which has no standing on which of them will win NXT, but ends in a victory for Kaitlyn when she reverses a suplex attempt into a pin for the 3-count. Afterwards, Vickie makes herself known and says that nobody cares about Kaitlyn’s victory.

She introduces another one of the Pros for Season 4 who also happens to be the Intercontinental Champion and her boyfriend – Dolph Ziggler. After he thanks her and says that she is the measuring stick for what a Pro should be, he says that his Rookie is Jacob Novak.

After a video recapping the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match on Raw in which Michael Cole interfered, Daniel Bryan is revealed as another Pro for Season 4, with his Rookie being Derrick Bateman.

Before we find out who is going to win Season 3 of NXT, Striker asks the four eliminated Divas on who they think should win. Jamie says Naomi, A.J says Kaitlyn, Maxine says Naomi, and Aksana says herself (ignoring the fact that she has already been eliminated) – though Goldust interrupts and tells her to close her mouth as nobody can understand her anyway.

After Alberto Del Rio announces that he is to be a Pro for Season 4, with his Rookie being Conor O’Brian, the winner of NXT Season 2 is revealed to be Kaitlyn. Striker asks Naomi for her thoughts, to which she says it’s bitter-sweet but that she’s proud of Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn talks about being called two days before NXT started and not having anything to wear, reiterates having her first ever match on NXT, and thanks everyone, including her “ridiculous Pro” Vickie Guerrero.

A.J and the Pros minus Vickie make their way to the ring and congratulate Kaitlyn as NXT goes off the air.

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