Raw Fusion: R-Cole-O

by Firefly on 24th December 2010

The 6th December 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a video recapping the events of last week’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs match in which Michael Cole interfered, followed by Michael Cole making his way to the ring with a microphone.

He says that he doesn’t know why he did what he did, and that the crowd do not understand how traumatic last week was for him, especially the hate mail he received, he asks how people could write such hurtful things to him.

He says that he will not apologise for the way that he feels about The Miz as when The Miz started in the WWE, he was the only one who supported him, and then when The Miz won the WWE Championship, it was like his own son had won it.

Cole says that he got caught up in the emotion of the moment and says because of that he deeply regrets it, to which Jerry “The King” Lawler says he was expected an apology as he cost him the WWE Championship.

Cole explains that he made a mistake, but Lawler says that it might be a mistake, but he’s going to get into the ring and finished what he started last week, as Cole tries to dissuade him from doing so, though CM Punk comments that he won’t stop him.

Cole says that the way Lawler acted means that he’s as much to blame for last week as he himself was as they are supposed to be broadcast journalists and report the news instead of making the news, and last week Lawler had to steal the spotlight and couldn’t let The Miz have his moment.

He says that the more he thinks about it, he doesn’t think that he owes Lawler an apology, but in fact Lawler owes him an apology. Lawler says that he’s going to give him what he thinks he owes him.

The lights flash and the sound plays, so on this occasion CM Punk says he will handle this, then he greets the crowd and announces that he has received an email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager – to a much better reaction than Cole usually receives.

Quoting the email, he says that he is ordering a Cease and Desist on any physicality between Cole and Lawler, and that violation of the order will result in termination. What he would like instead is for Lawler to enter the ring and shake hands with Cole.

Lawler eventually does so, but as Cole tries to walk away, Lawler keeps a hold of his hand and pulls him back, then he tells him that there will be no physicality between them, but he thinks that there may be somebody in the back who wants to talk to him.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring as we find out that it is apparently him who would like to speak to him, rather than Daniel Bryan which would have made more sense. Orton tells Cole to pass on a message to The Miz; that he doesn’t blame him for cashing in Money In The Bank when he did as he would have done exactly the same thing.

He says that he and The Miz are a lot alike, but the difference is that he himself has proved that he can back up what he says in the ring. Injured knee or not, he says that he is going to take back the WWE Championship from The Miz – tonight.

The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way out accompanied by Alex Riley, he says that Orton used to be original and stood on his own, but now he sounds like everyone else who is underestimating him.

He says that as for Orton winning his title back later on, that’s not going to happen as he has already been informed by the General Manager that after his successful defence last week, he doesn’t have to defend it again until the TLC Pay-Per-View against Orton.

The Miz says that the good news is that Orton’s knee will be better, but the bad news is that it won’t make a difference as he will lose again. Orton says that it’s a great plan, but the issue is where he will get the seven men to beat him down again – and not to look at Riley as he doesn’t even count as one.

Riley says that is pretty funny coming from a guy on one leg, and though The Miz doesn’t have to lower himself by facing Orton later on, he has five minutes to kill so would love to challenge him to a match and prove that even Randy Orton can “go A-Ry”.

Orton says that he doesn’t understand exactly what Riley just said, but he accepts. The Miz interjects at this point to tell Orton that the General Manager also informed him that he gets to choose the stipulation for their match at the Pay-Per-View, so he will think long and hard as his decision will be just like himself – awesome.

Orton says that he looks forward to that, but for anyone out there who thinks that he might be too injured to compete, there is one thing that he can do very well, injured knee or not, as he hits an RKO on Cole who has been shoved forward by Lawler.

Next up, Ted DiBiase and Maryse take on Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella in a Mixed Tag Team match which sees Nikki replace her sister with some “Twin Magic” to catch Maryse in a small package to win the match with the 3-count. Afterwards, DiBiase and Maryse have a confrontation that ends with Maryse showing him the hand and leaving the ring.

After a video recapping John Cena’s attacks on The Nexus last week, David Otunga in place of Wade Barrett is asked (via satellite) what their strategy is for stopping John Cena, to which the response is that they aren’t going to say what it is.

Though he and Barrett don’t always see eye to eye, Barrett does have a plan, and all they have to do is stay united and stick to their strategy, so when Cena enters the arena later on, that’s going to be the last time we see Cena.

Otunga’s food arrives and he complains about it and says that he won’t pay for it, but somebody knocks the door again and Otunga’s expectation of it being the person he just kicked out is dashed as he opens the door to reveal John Cena. Cena says a quick “hey” before starting to attack Otunga, then attacks Husky Harris who tries to stop it, bearing the brunt of the attack as Otunga quickly flees.

Now, David Hart Smith faces his former partner Tyson Kidd (who is accompanied by what appears to be his new bodyguard) in a match which sees Kidd get the 3-count with the aid of grabbing the tights.

Smith isn’t too happy about this and attempts to attack Kidd afterwards, but his bodyguard makes himself known and takes care of Smith, rolling him into the ring and giving a short-arm clothesline as both he and Kidd then stand tall.

Backstage, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater talk to Wade Barrett about how they’re not safe from Cena anywhere, but Barrett tells them that they are acting like scared children, just like Cena wants them to.

Gabriel says that he’s not sure that he can defend the Tag Team Championship with his neck still hurt from the attack last week, and Slater adds that McGillicutty got it a lot worse and is still out after what was done to him.

Barrett says that this is just a setback and that in the long run everything will work out. Otunga makes himself known and says that Barrett’s plan didn’t work, to which he gets the response that the problem wasn’t the plan – it was the execution.

Barrett tells Slater and Gabriel that they need to focus on going to the ring and defending their titles, and then tells Otunga that he will go out to the ring later on and call out Cena, and he suggests that Otunga watch as he might learn something about taking care of business. Otunga says that Barrett better, as if he doesn’t he might have a mutiny on his hands.

Next up is a Fatal Four-Way Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championships, with the teams comprising of Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella, The Usos (accompanied by Tamina), Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu, and the current Champions Slater and Gabriel.

The match ends with Cena appearing from underneath the ring to distract Gabriel, which allows Marella to hit The Cobra for the 3-count and win the titles for his team, with Marella receiving a congratulatory kiss from Tamina as she stayed to watch even though The Usos were eliminated earlier.

The 2010 King Of The Ring Sheamus is introduced now, and after a video recapping the final between him and John Morrison, Sheamus sits on his throne in the ring and says that it’s good to be the King.

He says that when he won last week, he didn’t just win a tournament but restored credibility to the crown of the WWE. He says that he is far superior to the peasants in the arena, he’s a greater fighter than anyone in the WWE Universe, and he is the man who ended the career of “The King Of Kings” Triple H; he kicked him off his thrown and became the new High King.

He talks about the last High King of Ireland and how he was defeated, but says that will never happen to him, that his reign will live forever, and that he will forever be remembered simply as “The Greatest High King in History”.

Morrison makes his way out and says that if Sheamus was going to go this route, then why not go big. He suggests creatures to go with him, Goblins, Elves, Gnomes, and perhaps a Faun that he’d be able to hang out with after the show.

Sheamus tells him to cut the jokes and can see in Morrison’s eyes that he’s jealous, jealous that he is a two-time WWE Champion and King of The Ring but he’s not, along with the fact that he has achieved more in less than two years than he has in his entire career, and is jealous that he is simply the better man.

Morrison acknowledges that he has achieved more than him, but says that the last time he checked, he beat him at Survivor Series, Sheamus beat him last week, meaning that the score is one-to-one, so it means that they are even, and so he’s telling him right now that he himself is the better man.

Sheamus says that he’s a very funny man and that if his athletic ability matched his humour, he might have been the one standing there with the crown, but he isn’t and from now on he wants to be referred to either as “Your Highness” or “The High King of the WWE”.

Overall, he wants Morrison to set an example of all of his loyal subjects in the WWE Universe, by bowing to his King. Morrison refuses to do so and says that they say in this business that there are no guarantees, but he has one for him – John Morrison will never bow down to King Sheamus.

Sheamus slaps him and tells him to get down on his knees, but Morrison retaliates with an attack that leaves the throne on it’s back and Sheamus in pain outside the ring.

Next, Natalya is pitted against Melina with Lay-Cool joining commentary at ringside, in a match which sees Melina forced to tap out to the Sharpshooter. Afterwards, Lay-Cool enter the ring and attack Natalya, leaving with a finger waving in her direction as if to say that Natalya doesn’t want them as enemies.

After recapping the earlier RKO on Cole, we see The Miz and Alex Riley talking backstage. The Miz tells Riley that he is representing him out there, that everybody is obsessed with everything he does, so he needs to beat Orton, to which Riley says that the only way that Orton will leave is on his hands and knees. The Miz is happy about this and says that afterwards he won’t be telling Orton what their match will be, he’ll be showing him.

Next up, Randy Orton goes against Alex Riley in a match which ends in a victory via disqualification for Orton after The Miz interrupts Orton’s setting up of the RKO on Riley by hitting him with a Skull-Crushing Finale.

Afterwards, The Miz says that he will now show him what kind of match they will have at TLC, as he then fetches a table from underneath the ring and sets it up in the ring. The Miz picks him up and tries to set up for a Skull-Crushing Finale but Orton fights out of it and causes The Miz to retreat. Riley is still down in the ring however, so Orton turns to him, picks him up and sends him through the table with a powerbomb.

Now, Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring and says that he is about to admit to something that he has never had to admit to before – that he got it wrong. He says that he was wrong to think that Cena was a man of his word, and if Cena had an ounce of integrity he would never show up again.

He tells Cena that he can attack the rest of The Nexus all he wants, but it won’t do anything as they can’t get him rehired – only Barrett can. He calls Cena out, telling him to come from wherever he is hiding and he does so, making his way through the crowd before hopping the guard rail and entering the ring.

The rest of The Nexus make their way out onto the stage as Barrett says that he has allowed Cena to come to the ring, but if he puts a foot out of line or even so much as threatens him, The Nexus will enter the ring and beat Cena to within an inch of his life.

Barrett says that the crowd can cheer all they want, but it doesn’t help at all. He says that he knows Cena has problems understanding so he is going to talk slowly so Cena should read his lips – it’s not going to work as he will never rehire him.

Cena tells Barrett that he’s “just so stupid” and that being fired is not that bad, though he’s not a Superstar any more, he’s still a part of the WWE Universe and can buy a ticket and tailgate with them all the time.

He says that he has so much time on his hands that all he can think about is making the lives of The Nexus a living hell, he then mocks The Nexus for who and how they lost the Tag Team Championships to, as well as asking if they enjoyed his attacks.

Cena tells Barrett that he is perfectly happy staying fired and buying a ticket to Raw every week as well as making the lives of The Nexus hell. He asks if they are done, as he wants to go party with the WWE Universe, to which Barrett says that Cena can’t intimidate him even if he can intimidate the rest of The Nexus.

Barrett says that he’ll indulge him and asks what assurances Cena could make about stopping the attacks if he were to rehire him. Cena says that there would be so much room for activities, listing various non-wrestling ones before he mentions that he could compete for the WWE Championship.

He says the reason that Barrett never thought of it is because he never had the WWE Championship, but he reminds Barrett that all he has to do is buy a ticket every week to ruin their lives. Cena says that he’ll be straight with the “young man” and that if he did have the guts to rehire him, the attacks on The Nexus may cease, but the attacks on Barrett will not as he deserves payback and will get it.

Cena says that if Barrett knew anything about respect, he’d rehire him on the spot and they would settle it in a match later on. If he doesn’t, he’s going to get him, and the sad thing is that Barrett doesn’t know where or when, and it won’t stop as Cena makes him a nightmare.

Barrett calls Cena stupid and says that sounded like a threat, then he orders The Nexus to come to the ring to attack him. The Nexus don’t heed his call and one-by-one turn around and go backstage. Cena takes this opportunity to attack, he sends Barrett into the steel steps before moving one set to in front of the announce table and then sets him up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Barrett wriggles out of it and high-tails it out of there, leaving Cena to celebrate.

Going backstage, we see an irate Barrett asking The Nexus what that was about, he says that when he gives an order they should follow it. Otunga says that he might not be giving orders around there any more and to consider it an ultimatum – either rehire John Cena next week, or Barrett is out of The Nexus.

Barrett isn’t happy to hear this, but the rest of The Nexus back Otunga up, and the group then walk off to let him think about the ultimatum as Raw goes off the air.

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