Wrestling Fusion Acquires WWE Mayhem & TotalWrestling

by Firefly on 11th January 2011

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of WWE Mayhem (http://www.wwemayhem.com) and TotalWrestling (http://www.totalwrestling.net).

This acquisition allows us to have an outlet other than just the comments for people to be able to make their wrestling opinions known, especially when they may not entirely fit with the posts already here.

What does this mean for members of WWE Mayhem?

First, it means a name change. Not only because we do not wish for it to only appear as catering to WWE fans, but also because we’d like to fully bring it under the Wrestling Fusion branding, and as a result it is now the Wrestling Fusion Forums – though we may shorten this to WF Forums depending upon feedback.

As would be expected with the name change, it also means a change of location. The forums are now located at forums.wrestlingfusion.com.

Another change is a change in software, as the forums are no longer running on vBulletin, but are instead running on SMF – which although it may take getting used to at first, we hope will be a welcome change.

As for Forum Staff, other than the former owners being demoted back to regular members, we have no current plans to change or add to them.

What does this mean for members of TotalWrestling?

TotalWrestling has been inactive for quite a while now, but the Website and Blog posts we hope to merge into the Wrestling Fusion Website in the near future. At this time we have no plans to merge anything from the former TotalWrestling Forums.

We would like to thank WorkedShoot and their affiliated individuals and companies for their contributions to WWE Mayhem and TotalWrestling, and we wish them luck in their future endeavours.

Update: We have completed the merging of the posts from TotalWrestling into the Website. If there is anybody who contributed to any of the original posts and would like to have the affected posts removed or modified, please get in touch via our contact page (providing a valid reason for the removal/modification).

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