J.R Speaks On Cena/JBL, Message Boards & More

by Chris Gorst on 13th July 2008

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up. Highlights are below.

On Cena/JBL: I read where the John Cena-JBL bout for the Bash will now be held, apparently, in a parking lot outside the arena with street fight type rules. These bouts are extremely dangerous not to mention that they have the propensity of taking the live audience out of the mix because the fight is being held in another locale. I remember years ago that Finlay fought William Regal in a similar environment that proved to be entertaining and I wish the same good fortune for Cena and JBL. JBL might be one of the very few wrestlers on the WWE roster that will motivate the fans to boo the transplanted Texas and Mamajuana.com maven more than many fans, especially in the northeast, will boo John Cena. I stand by what I have written before, you pay your money so you should boo or cheer who in the hell you want.

On internet message boards: Internet Message Boards often times suck. I stopped reading them largely because I felt embarrassed that some people who call themselves real wrestling fans often times use excessive profanity, take the low road, hide behind phony names to make smart ass remarks and nothing any one can write is ever good enough. Like I have said, if people don’t enjoy reading our blogs, then don’t read them. How simple is that? Nonetheless, a message board person has stooped to a new low. A Nebraska football fan who works at the University of Texas IT Department in Austin by the name of James Conradt wrote a phony story stating that two Oklahoma quarterbacks were arrested for heading a cocaine ring. First of all I have been taught all my life that Nebraska football are class acts and this idiot’s actions don’t change my opinion of the ‘Huskers. Nebraska is a first class program with wonderful fans but Conradt isn’t one of them. Then, ironically, we find out this dude works at rival University of Texas which I look at as more of a coincidence than anything. UT would not condone this sort of behavior as they, too, run a first class operation even though they are my favorite team’s arch college football rival. Point being is that perhaps people should be a little smarter with what they anonymously write in their never ending search to find coolness and defiance. That or we all should stop supporting message boards in general.

Check out the full blog entry here.

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