NXT Fusion: What Will Nexus Do NXT?

by Firefly on 14th July 2010

Before the NXT titles roll, we have a video showing the past actions of The Nexus and asking what they want and will do on their appearance on the 13th July 2010 episode of NXT.

After the titles, Matt Striker and Ashley Valence are in the ring, then introducing the WWE Pros, followed by the members of The Nexus (except Darren Young who is not there).

Once the introductions are complete, Wade Barrett gets on the microphone and tells us that he’s privileged to be there, and that there’s no better way to celebrate their defeat of John Cena than returning to the show that gave them their start.

Addressing the Season 2 Rookies, Barrett wishes them luck, and addressing the WWE Pros, Barrett says that he hopes that they’re not planning on starting any trouble as they want to just sit back and enjoy the show.

Next up we have a tag match pitting WWE Pro The Miz and his Rookie Alex Riley against Mark Henry and his Rookie Lucky Cannon, with a recap video of what happened on this week’s Raw between The Miz and Mark Henry whilst Miz & Riley are waiting in the ring.

The match ends with Mark Henry getting the victory after grabbing Riley from the ring apron, bringing him into the middle of the ring, and hitting the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry isn’t finished as he grabs the plastic trashcan from ringside, pouring the contents onto Riley in a retaliatory act from Miz doing the same to Henry on Raw.

After talking up the Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match on Sunday, we are shown a video of what the WWE Pros think about Alex Riley, followed by hype for Percy Watson’s talk show later on.

Next we have some quick promotion of the theme used for this Sunday’s Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View, followed by a video recapping Jack Swagger’s Money In The Bank win at this year’s WrestleMania, followed by it being cashed in a few days later to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Josh Mathews and Michael Cole run down a match listing of Money In The Bank, followed by recapping the video showing the events of the end of this week’s Raw between The Nexus, Cena, and Sheamus.

Next up we have a very enthusiastic Percy Watson hosting his own talk show, his guest being his WWE Pro; MVP. Watson thanks MVP for all his advice, and MVP asks the crowd to give Watson a pat on the pack for listening to it all and putting it to use.

Watson says that he’s been listening to what MVP says about seizing opportunities and grabbing the moment, and that he’s going to do that right now. The rest of the Season 2 Rookies make their way to the ring in what appears to show that they’ll be copying the tactics of The Nexus.

MVP says that when he rolls into a party, he doesn’t roll in alone, and the rest of the WWE Pros enter the ring. Matt Striker then interrupts saying that it looks like the Rookies want to test the Pros, so we should have a Battle Royal.

Before he can get much further however, Barrett interrupts him saying that they are forgetting that this is about The Nexus, that he and the other members would love nothing more to be involved in a Battle Royal, particularly as it’s every man for themselves, and that the winner will be the same winner as NXT Season 1 – Wade Barrett. Matt Striker makes it official by saying it will be a 20-Man Battle Royal.

The match ends with The Nexus being named the winners after they throw Cody Rhodes over the top rope once they have beaten him down. Notable moments in the match are The Nexus all climbing out of the ring (not over the top rope, so they didn’t eliminate themselves) as soon as the bell rang, beating down the first couple of people eliminated from the match on the outside, and Miz eliminating himself once it was clear that The Nexus weren’t interested in making friends with him.

After the match, we get a further beatdown on the Pros, consisting of Barrett hitting The Wasteland on Kofi Kingston, and a 450-Splash by Justin Gabriel on Cody Rhodes.

Sliding into the ring afterwards, Matt Striker asks Wade Barrett what he thinks of the WWE Universe’s reaction to The Nexus. Wade Barrett says that he’s never had a problem with Striker before, but if he was him, then he would back up before things turn ugly.

Barrett says that Season 1 of NXT has come back as The Nexus and it proves that they can make a difference in WWE, regardless of whether they were labelled Rookies or not. He says that what they are doing now is what the WWE Universe will not understand because it is part of a much bigger picture.

Striker asks Wade if he’s proud of what they did to Cena, to which he says that he’s proud of everything he’s done in the ring, he’s proud of every member with him in that ring, that one thing is for certain; “You’re either Nexus, or you’re against us.”

Mathews and Cole recap the video of the past few minutes, wondering what The Nexus will have in store for Money In The Bank, while The Nexus stand in the ring as NXT goes off the air.

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