The Big Relaunch

by Will Benson on 14th July 2008

I’ll start by introducing what this blog will actually be. It’ll bascially be nonsense, combined with site news and perhaps a bit of wrestling opinion thrown in for good measure.

For those that don’t know me, I’m Will. I started the original TW back in 2006. We were just a forum then, the official forums of the ill-fated Wrestling Radio Network. Fast forward two years and you have a reborn TW. As well as TW, I also work for, designing and maintaining their radio portal, as well as other stuff for them.

Anyway, this week saw us relaunch the entire site, with the help of another member of the old TWI team, Mitchell Jones. We’ve moved the site away from the old CMS we used, Joomla, to a newer, more featured one called WordPress. It’s more commonly used for blogs, but thanks to Mitch we’ve turned it into something a bit better. I really like what we’ve done and I hope the rest of you do too.

I’ll post more on the relaunch tomorrow, including updates on what else we’ve got planned for the site, because this aint it. For now though, I’m off to bed



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