You Shoot with The Sandman

by Woody on 15th July 2008

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I have always been a big fan of wrestling shoot interviews and I have watched 100’s of them in the past, some greet, some not so great. I always find myself saying  ‘why did he not ask him about that, why did he not ask him about this…’ and so on. But now thanks to the great people at I can now find out all the answers to the questions I have always wanted to know about the guy being interviewed as I get the chance to ask them anything I want, how you ask? Well I am going to tell you. It’s called You Shoot. Now you may or may not have heard about the You Shoot DVD’s and if you haven’t then you are in for a treat. For those who don’t know let me tell you how You Shot works, well it’s just like a shoot interview but you get to ask the questions. You can do this two ways, you can record a video message of your question and send it to the guys at Or you can just send your question in via email, it’s that simple. The latest addition of You Shoot futures the extreme icon ‘The Sandman’ Known for his beer drinking cigarette smoking cane swinging life style back the REAL ECW. Sandman has done it all in in the wrestling business and most of the time he was drunk doing it! Sandman holds nothing back in this shoot interview, the questions keep coming and Sandman keeps answering them, that is the great thing about You Shoot. Money, drugs, sex, drink, ECW, WWE, WCW, and shoot fights are just some of the questions Sandman answers and holds noting back when answering them. The beer keeps flowing and the questions keep coming including one about 9-11 (no one said you can’t send in non wrestling related questions) which Sandman has a lot to say about. If you are a fan of the Sandman then this is one DVD you simple must own. A drunk Sandman, some great questions, great answers and a few games thrown in is what makes this DVD so good. My hats go of to the guys at as once again they have brought out another top notch DVD that every wrestling fan should own. So log onto to today and pick up a copy of You Shoot with the Sandman and once you are there have a look at all the other titles they have on sale including You Shoot with the Honky Tonk Man, Guest Booker with Raven, My side of the Story with Tito & Greg… and a whole lot more.



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