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by Will Benson on 19th July 2008

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Jmk2012’s Weekly Review of Thursday July 17th’s Impact!, and Friday, July 18th’s Smackdown!

TNA Impact!

I’ll start out by letting you all know that I was NOT a fan of Victory Road. Going into Thursday night was hoping that TNA would be a big step up from Sunday night’s PPV. To be honest, I was let down by this weeks TNA, they had a big chance to recover after Victory Road, but in my opinion, they failed.

For those of you who missed Impact this week, you can download it on iMPACT 7/17/08


You can read Ryan Clarks coverage of Impact! Right here on

Also, to read coverage of last Sunday’s Victory Road PPV Click Here

The show started out with the main reason why I did not like Victory Road, Booker T and Sharmell. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a Booker T fan…as a Face… but since he has become a heel again in TNA, I cannot stop thinking of his reign as King Bookah, and wow, was that gimmick a failure. I really am a Booker T fan overall though, so I do hope that TNA starts using him properly, Sunday Night was an example of how to not use him properly. So when Jim Cornette came out and announced the rematch at Hard Justice, I was excited to learn that Joe and Booker will get a second chance to put on a great show, and hopefully do it right this time. I love seeing Joe trying to act ghetto in his promos when he is clearly not. But either way, Booker is still garnering great heat, and Joe is still being applauded, which seems like their goal.

At the moment I do not see where Sting is fitting into this storyline, but we will have to find out.

I hope that Kaz ‘s Push doesn’t stop because of his “blunder” at Victory Road. After his loss against Petey Williams Thursday night, it looks like this might be the route he is heading… too bad.

Team 3D and Angle are dressed up as Sting; I guess we are going to see where the angle is going.

A couple of pointless matches followed in my opinion, not only did Matt Morgan squash the smaller of the “band” Jimmy Rave; he squashed Lance Hoyt as well. We all get it TNA, you do not have anything to do Matt Morgan, and he is a “giant,” but it does not take two Squash matches to prove this.

More knockouts screaming at Cornette backstage, Déjà vu?

A 5 Table Elimination match between Team 3D and Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage, AJ Styles, and Rhino is announced, sounds like it will be interesting.

Looks like Velvet Sky will be getting a push after her victory in the 10 woman elimination match, we will see where this goes.

I know that Vince Russo has always been a fan of Robert Roode, but I do not like the way they are taking the Beer Money storyline, I guess we will have to see how it evolves.

I have always thought that Consequences Creed looked promising, but after being squashed tonight in a Stretcher Match by Booker T, it looks like TNA doesn’t feel the same way

MVP of the night:

While Christian didn’t have any action tonight, he made up for it with some great Mic Work. He really built up his match for next Thursday, should be a good one.

My overall rating of Thursday Night Impact! 3/5

WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

It’s Friday Night again, aka WWE’s last chance to really promote this Sunday’s Great American Bash, (Which I will be attending. I am very excited for it as I have great seats, it should be a fun night) You can catch my column on The Great American Bash, Monday Night Raw, and ECW after Wrestling Zone Radio which will be Live, Baby Live, Tuesday night at 9:00 PM EST.

If you missed Smackdown!, you can catch Ryan Clark’s coverage of it right here on

The Edge-Vickie Storyline has confused me a bit in past weeks, first they were together, and then separated, and then together again which led into tonight’s show, and their wedding. The wedding was pre recorded from earlier that day… but we are told that we get to experience the reception later on.

After a couple of comedic moments from Chavo, the best man, they tie the knot.

We skip forward to the reception where Chavo enters (To his Music, which seemed a bit out of place) and then the “happy” couple enters. After a speech by Chavo, and then a speech from Edge, he asks that the night begins and out come little Horny and Finlay. Edge announced that Hawkins and Ryder are too smart to fall for Finlay’s antics…really? Edge also lets everyone know that he is too smart to be fooled by Finlay, so that is why he is guest referee tonight.

Quick and pointless squash match, and Edge returns to the stage for his first dance with Vickie. Live singers and all, this is some high quality stuff here. Big Show comes out, and after pushing Edge away, he starts dancing with Vickie, this was well done by Show, as it got a couple of chuckles out of me.

Because of Big Show’s antics he is put in a 4 vs. 1 Handicap match against The Great Khali, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Vladimir Koslov, after a chop to the head by Khali the larger team takes over, and each member gets to take a shot at Show, Khali finishes it up with a pitiful Khali Bomb. He couldn’t even lift the Show, terrible.


This could only mean one thing…

Vickie is in the ring and you can barely here her, she does a fabulous job at drawing A LOT of HEAT. She throws the Bouquet and Cherry barely catches it. Cherry should stick to being a wrestler, as Softball clearly is not her forte, She earns a match with Vickie…but not until after she faces Natalya, Natalya quickly sticks Cherry in the Sharpshooter and after a few seconds, she taps. The bell rings again, and Vickie covers Cherry, 1…2…3 the match is over, Vickie gets the win.

Jimmy Wang Yang comes out, and after his suspension, it doesn’t look like he will be victorious after this match. Next up is Brian Kendrick, he comes out billed from Venice, California with a new gimmick followed by Ezekiel, his new large, black “Trusted Advisor” as Mick called him. We are told that Brian is now showing his true colors as a more gruff and aggressive character. I thought that this was a really good match, both Kendrick and Yang worked hard to put on a good show. Yang had an amazing Missile Dropkick to Kendrick’s head during the match off of the second rope. Kendrick is definitely less “High Flying” in this match, yet he still gets a couple of good spots in, one of which was his Sliced Bread #2, which got him the pin fall.

Edge is backstage with the one and only SLIM JIM GUY…??? He gets his present, a box of Slim Jim’s…

We come back to the show and Kennedy makes his way to the ring, I feel like he is stuck right back where he was before moving to Raw, hopefully he will get a good push as a face again. But after getting squashed last week by Umaga, we will have to see how it goes. Umaga enters and the match begins. Kennedy starts out strong, but this match looks like it will be a bore fest. Umaga gets the win, after countering KK’s Mic Check. Squashed 2 weeks in a row, his “Push” isn’t coming along very well.

Lame match between The Team of Miz and Morrison, and The Team of Jesse and Festus… to summarize, Miz and Morrison win after a Reality Check. We will skip over this.

The Hardy Boyz come out for their match against each other, as they enter they chuck the wedding cake at Chavo… classic. What looked to be a great match, was cut short by Edge and his cronies, too bad… It ended in a No Contest.

Edge, Vickie and La Familia are in the ring, as Edge professes his love to Vickie, he says that he has a clip to show Vickie that will explain his love for her, we are shown a clip of Edge and Vickie’s most romantic moments from past months, I feel like we have seen this clip before.

The Crowd is booing like crazy, but HHH’s music starts playing, and he comes out with gift in tow. HHH says that he does not have a great reputation with weddings in the past, but he made Edge and Vickie a video that he says expresses their true love. We get a candid camera shot of Edge and Alicia Fox alone in a hotel room, Edge says that Alicia smells like Angles doing the Naughty, a great smell in his opinion… he says that his Trapezoid is tight, and asks Alicia if she could massage it for. Edge tells them that he is through with watching this, he orders La Familia to go attack HHH, inside HHH’s gift box, is a Sledgehammer, he says it is one size fits all, and that it would easily fit everyone in La Familia, they back off. The clip comes back on and Edge is talking about going to a plus sized Lingerie store and buying underwear for Vickie, HHH pulls out a pair of HUGE underwear… funny stuff. The clip comes back on and Edge and Alicia are doing…well… you can figure out the rest. As the show cuts off Vickie is screaming as she attacks Edge god, no one can understand what she is saying.

MVP of the night: Slim Jim Guy

Slim Jim Guy had a great guest appearance backstage, coupled with his kind gift to Edge; he clearly made the show worthwhile.

I kid, I kid

True MVP of the night: EdgeEdge

Anyone who cheats on Vickie is a winner in my book, and for this reason alone, he is our MVP of the night.

But let us not forget about Ric FlairRic Flair , the MVP of the year,

While he did not make a live appearance on the air, Ric made a stunning return Friday night, delivering a heartwarming speech to the live crowd in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tonight’s Smackdown! earns a rating of 3.5/5

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