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by Firefly on 17th July 2010

Before the titles roll for the 16th July 2010 episode of SmackDown!, we see a video recapping what happened last week between Jack Swagger and Big Show, then Swagger and Kane.

After the titles, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker ask if Jack Swagger will be able to provide a valid alibi proving that he did not attack The Undertaker.

Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring for his match against “Dashing” Cody Rhodes as Grisham welcomes us to SmackDown! and recap the events of NXT (click here for our NXT report).

After a Flying Cross-Body from the top rope to Cody Rhodes by Kofi Kingston, Kane’s pyro goes off, the lights go red, and he makes his way to the ring, giving both competitors a Chokeslam, after which he grabs a microphone and says that he knows that Jack Swagger is a liar and that he willl pay for his sins, with Kane enjoying the vengeance he will wreak on Swagger when he pronounces judgement on him.

After his pyro goes off again, a video recaps the Chokeslams given to Kofi and Cody a few minutes ago, after which Todd and Matt hype the match between Christian and Drew McIntyre, as well as the one between Matt Hardy and Dolph Ziggler, all of whom are competitors in the SmackDown! Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Next up, Grisham and Striker asks what condition Rey Mysterio’s ankle will be in on Sunday for his title defense, before we have a video recapping Swagger’s attack two weeks ago, which he continued last week.

After the video we go to the locker room, where Rey Mysterio is with one of the trainers, Josh Mathews asks Rey how he’s feeling, to which Rey replies that he’s not good and though the swelling has gone down, he’s still in excruciating pain. When Josh then asks how he’s going to defend the title at Money In The Bank, Rey says that he’s not going to; that he’s going to go out there tonight and forfeit his title to Jack Swagger.

Josh asks him if he’s serious – Rey says that of course he’s not serious, he wouldn’t give up his title just like that, thanks to the Doctors and the ankle brace, he’s going to be there on Sunday. He said it won’t make him invisible to Swagger’s ankle lock, but it will give him the support and confidence he needs to continue living his dream of being World Champion.

Rey said that Swagger’s actions of last week were a moment of desperation, but that as for attacking The Undertaker, Karma works in mysterious ways.

Cutting to Jack Swagger, he cannot believe what Rey is saying about him, he asks the person he is on the phone to how long they will be, he says that he wants to put this behind him tonight and go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday.

Next we have more hype for the Pay-Per-View this Sunday, with a video recapping Edge’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match win at WrestleMania, and subsequent cashing in at New Year’s Revolutions where he beat John Cena to win the title.

Now Drew McIntyre goes up against Christian, which McIntyre wins after a thumb to the eye which the Referee doesn’t see, followed by him hitting his Future-Shock DDT to get the three-count. After a video recapping the thumb to the eye then DDT, McIntyre points up to the Money In The Bank briefcase, followed by a video promo of Alberto Del Rio.

Next up, a video recaps CM Punk’s Money In The Bank win at WrestleMania 25, with his subsequent defeat of Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules two months later to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

In the ring are CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society. CM Punk says that we all know that he’s a superior athlete who built a reputation by winning back-to-back Money In The Bank Ladder Matches at WrestleMania, that we know he build the foundations for a superior society with Straight-Edge, and that there’s no cracks in those foundations; they are stronger than ever.

Big Show’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring carrying two ladders, one of them a lot smaller, the size that we’ve seen Hornswoggle use in the past. Punk tries to get Show’s attention, but he doesn’t seem to notice, neither does the production truck apparently when he tells them to cut Show’s music.

Once in the ring and the bigger of the ladders has been set up, Show grabs a microphone. He says that the thought that he thought Punk was there to put everyone to sleep, and that the SES is the cure for insomnia.

Show says that he’s here for Money In The Bank, he’s here to entertain everyone, he says that this is the first Money In The Bank Ladder Match with “a real walking, talking, fire-breathing giant”, which he says sounds exciting.

Punk agrees, he says it does sound exciting, and he wants Show to do a 450 off the top of the ladder – Show asks if he means like Evan Bourne does, though since Bourne does the Shooting Star Press, he probably meant Nexus member Justin Gabriel. Punk clarifies that he wasn’t referring to a 450-Splash, he was referring to Big Show’s 450-pounds tumbling through the air off the ladder, through the ring, to the Center of the Earth.

Show asks if the crowd wants to see him climb up the ladder and touch the briefcase – he tries to, but his foot breaks the first rung. He says that as he’s seven-foot tall, surely he doesn’t need such a big ladder. Setting up the smaller ladder, he quickly realises that won’t work, so he waves towards the stage area and another ladder is brought out.

Show tells us that this is ladder weighs 350-pounds, and has a weight limit of 2,000 – which he said he’s not likely to hit, no matter how many trips to Subway he takes. Punk says that he’s reminded of King Kong climbing the Entire State Building, he reminds us that King Kong fell off the Entire State Building, and that if it wasn’t for Kane injuring him, he would be the one climbing the ladder and winning the Money In The Bank briefcase to once again cash it in.

As Punk is saying this, the masked member and Luke Gallows climb into the ring and attack Show from behind, beating him down and hitting him in the face with the smaller ladder. As Punk climbs the ladder and proclaims that Straight-Edge means that he is better than us, Show gets back up, throws the masked member and Gallows out of the ring, then climbs the ladder upon which Punk is stuck unable to escape.

Grabbing him before he is able to try to climb down, he then unmasks him and we finally see Punk’s bald head – Grisham and Striker point out that he looks rather like a smaller version of The Big Show.

Backstage with Jack Swagger, he’s on the phone asking what’s taking so long – apparently the driver got lost. Swagger says that he’s worried because he can’t have Kane ruining the title match, he asks the person on the phone to get there as quickly as they can.

Back to the ring, and we have Trent Barreta of The Dudebusters and Co-Women’s Champion Layla set to take on Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters. We have a video recapping Layla’s interruption of Kelly Kelly’s interview last week, then hype for the Women’s Championship match at Money In The Bank between Kelly and Layla.

The match ends with Kelly hitting Layla with her K2 finisher for the win after an unintended distraction by Rosa Mendes, who was skipping on the outside with the assistance of the Dudebusters. Afterwards Layla just glares at Rosa who quickly gathers up the rope and leaves continuing to skip.

After more hype for the matches at this Sunday’s Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View, we have Matt Hardy taking on Dolph Ziggler. On his way to the ring, Hardy tells us that he’s as comfortable on the top of a ladder as he is on the ground, he says that he’s going to win the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, and he will cash it in that night against the Champion, regardless of who it is, and he will leave that night as World Heavyweight Champion. Before Ziggler makes his way to the ring for the match however, we have a second video promo for Del Rio.

Ziggler wins with the Zig-Zag after Matt Hardy stops to avoid knocking Vickie Guererro off the apron. After a video recap of that happening, we have another video recapping the earlier actions and statements by Kane.

Arriving in a limo, Swagger’s father is greeted by Jack. They make their way to the ring, and they show photos on the Titantron that Jack says proves his alibi, he says that he was with his father, the man who made him the “All-American American American” for the Memorial Day Father-Son Events.

Kane’s pyro hits and he comes out to the ring – he’s not buying the alibi as he grabs Jack Swagger around the neck, as Swagger’s father pleads for Kane not to hurt him. Getting a shot in with the microphone still in his hand, Jack Swagger is able to turn it around and put the ankle-lock on Kane, who tries crawling to the ropes to escape.

Rey Mysterio limps to the ring and hits a 619 on Swagger as he is in the ropes, then leaves again, so the ankle-lock is released, allowing Kane to grab both Swaggers around the neck again to set up a Chokeslam. Jack manages to escape and leaves his father to his fate, though not happy about it, he doesn’t seem willing to get back into the ring to do something about it.

As he starts walking up the ramp, Kane picks Jack’s father back up and hits him with a Tombstone Piledriver, Kane’s pyro hitting once more before a video recapping the last few minutes followed by Kane’s face as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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