Column: Review of a Lackluster Raw-July 21

by Will Benson on 22nd July 2008

Hello there everyone.
I was at the Great American Bash last night, it was a great show. I hope you all enjoyed it.
To check out some of the pictures that I took go HERE.

Monday Night Raw
Welcome to my Review of Monday Night Raw.
Batista-Punk rematch tonight, should be good, maybe Punk can get a clean win tonight.

Paul London vs. Lance Cade
Looks like London will be jobbing again, all this just because London laughed before Vince “died”… When London did get some offence in during this match, it was impressive. I don’t understand why they don’t stick guys like London, Kendrick, Super Crazy, Rey Rey, and the cruiserweights together, the matches would be amazing. London gets pinned after a spine buster.

Out comes Jericho, he cuts a long promo, stating at the end that he now considers himself saved after “ending Shawn Michael’s Career.” Saved from what?

Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly
Two Words… Female Squash… need I go further.

Jim Dugan is out, he says he is thinking of retiring… King convinces him not to. Out come DiBiase and Rhodes

Cryme Tyme Cenation vs. Priceless and JBL
CTC dominates in the beginning, JTG gets beat on for about 10minutes… Very boring. When everyone in the arena stomped their feet, the main camera was shaking VERY badly, hard to watch for a minute. Cena gets the pin after JBL ran away and Cena hit an IMPRESSIVE FU on both members of Priceless.

Burchill Siblings vs. Mickie James and Kofi Kingston
Is tonight’s show a rerun of last weeks Raw, only worse? Nothing too special during this match… a couple of good spots, but that’s all. Burchill gets the pin.

Santino is in the ring; he says he does not fight people with Fallopian Tubes. D-LO comes out and accepts.

Santino Marella vs. D-LO Brown
D-LO hits a leg drop, then the Sudden Impact and the LO-Down to get the pin. D-LO looked good after a five-year hiatus. After the match Beth is in the ring, her and Santino kiss. They both have awkward looks on their face as Santino leaves up the ramp, good stuff.

King says that Shane and Stephanie are voting on a new GM, (possibly Regal?)
World Title Match Batista vs. CM Punk
Kane comes out and attacks Batista, Punk comes out and makes the save while Kane exits, chasing after the Cameraman, poor guy. Match ends when JBL interferes, Cena then runs in and accidentally hits Batista instead of JBL, oops.
Batista is now out of the title loop, Cena will feud with Batista, JBL will feud with Punk. Raw is like a game of musical chairs.

Terrible Raw 1.5/5

MVP of the Night: Jerry Lawler
Jerry had the funniest moment of the show, slapping Rhodes was…well…um “Priceless.”

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