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by Firefly on 19th July 2010

WWE Money In The Bank took place on the 18th July 2010 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

We start out with Michael Cole introducing himself, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Matt Striker, and then Matt Striker introduces the Spanish Announce Team, Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera.

The first match is the SmackDown! Money In The Bank Ladder Match. The match ends with Kane unhooking the briefcase to win, after giving Drew McIntyre a Chokeslam from the Ladder. Noteable moments in the match include Big Show being buried underneath a mass of ladders, Kofi Kingston hitting the Boom Drop on Drew McIntyre from a ladder through the Spanish Announcers’ table, and a battle at the top of the ladder between Christian and Matt Hardy, with both falling off to hit the ropes at opposite sides of the ring.

Next we go backstage, where Josh Mathews asks WWE Champion Sheamus why he helped Cena last Monday night on Raw. Sheamus says that he’s a man of tremendous pride, but he’s not stupid, that he sat back with a smile on his face as The Nexus attacked others such as Bret Hart, Mr. McMahon, and Ricky Steamboat.

He says that because of his pride, he believed he was untouchable – that is until he stared into their eyes last Monday night, he said that they were soulless, it was like staring into the eyes of a Great White Shark.

He said he finally realised what Arn Anderson and John Cena were trying to tell him, he realised that The Nexus are a threat to everyone including himself, so he finally chose a side. When asked if he has a new respect for John Cena, he says that the reason he went out there was to send a message to The Nexus.

Then he says that’s not entirely true, he says that he wanted to make sure that Cena has no excuses after tonight. He says that he got no respect after putting Cena through the table at TLC, neither did he get any respect after pinning him at Fatal Four Way.

He says that all Cena wants to do is make fun of his skin and accent, and though the crowd may find it funny, their opinion is completely worthless. He says we’ll see how funny Cena thinks he is when he faces him tonight, how many ‘jars of mayonnaise’ jokes he’ll make when he’s bouncing his head off the steel cage.

He says that Cena will get a beating worse than what he suffered at the hands of The Nexus, he says that they are a threat, but tonight he’ll find out that Sheamus is a bigger one.

Next up we have Eve Torres facing Alicia Fox for the Divas Championship. The match ends with Alicia hitting a Scissor kick to Eve for the win, after having foiled a Senton by getting her knees up.

Now a video with the Announce Team recapping the events of SmackDown! where Kane hit a Chokeslam, followed by a Tombstone Piledriver to Jack Swagger’s father.

Going backstage, Jack Swagger is on the phone to his mother, he says that it’s not his fault, that as far as he is concerned, his father got what he deserved because he was trying to steal his spotlight. He says that he felt bad, but he couldn’t risk Kane going beserk on him and not being able to compete tonight.

He says his father would have done the same thing, and that to tell his father that he will be able to bask in his glory after he wins the World Heavyweight Championship from Rey Mysterio.

Back to the arena now and we have Jimmy and Jay Uso (accompanied by Tamina) taking on The Hart Dynasty (accompanied by Natalya) for the Unified Tag Team Championship. The match ends with David Hart Smith making Jimmy Uso tap out to the Sharpshooter, thus signifying a successful title defense.

Next up, we have the World Heavyweight Championship match between Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger, after a video recapping the World Heavyweight Championship match at Fatal Four Way and the actions of Jack Swagger of the past few weeks, particularly against Rey Mysterio.

The match ends with Rey Mysterio successfully defending his title after catching Swagger in a Pinning Hurricanrana after his loosened boot slips off allowing him to get out of Swagger’s ankle lock.

Rey doesn’t get much chance to celebrate however as Swagger attacks him and applies the ankle lock once more, before Kane runs down to the ring to break it up and chase Swagger backstage.

Just when you think Rey has time to celebrate, Kane’s pyro goes off and he makes his way down to the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase and a referee, and we are informed that he is cashing in his Money In The Bank title opportunity.

Kane quickly wins the World Heavyweight Championship after hitting Rey with a Chokeslam, followed by a Tombstone Piledriver to get the 3-count.

Going backstage, Edge is watching Kane on a monitor, when Chris Jericho walks up behind Edge who quickly turns around. Edge says that he said last week that he has eyes in the back of his head, and Jericho retorts by saying that Edge has the eyes of a desperate man.

Edge agrees, he says that he’s won Money In The Bank before, that he’s become champion twice from cashing it in. He says that Kane’s not the only one who’s going to become a champion from cashing it in tonight.

Jericho reminds Edge that he has been in just as many and that it was him who created the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. He says that he’s going to cash it in tonight against Cena and Sheamus after the Cage Match and become a champion for the seventh time.

Edge says that it’s big talk from a guy who’s never won, and Jericho says that is what makes him even more desperate than Edge. Edge says that he guesses that the fun is just beginning, but Jericho says that there’s no fun, and that the worst is yet to come for Edge.

Back to the arena again now and it’s Kelly Kelly (accompanied by Tiffany) taking on the Co-Women’s Champion Layla (accompanied by Co-Women’s Champion Michelle McCool), and a video during Kelly’s entrance recaps the events of two weeks ago between the two.

Layla retains the Women’s Championship after reversing Kelly Kelly’s Sunset Flip attempt from the top rope.

Members of the National Guard are shown at ringside before the Announcers recap the events of the SmackDown! Money In The Bank Ladder Match with a video.

Next up we have the Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match. The match ends with The Miz climbing the ladder and unhooking the briefcase after having pushed the ladder over forcing Randy Orton to crash off the ropes.

Notable moments in the match include Evan Bourne landing a Shooting Star Press on Orton before he was able to get up after having pulled John Morrison off the ladder and hit him with an RKO, multiple finishers hit on Mark Henry, a high jumping RKO to Jericho (who was standing on the ladder) from Orton, and Maryse attempting to climb the ladder to grab the briefcase before being pulled down and ordered out of the ring by John Morrison.

The Miz grabs a microphone and tells us that him winning the Money In The Bank Ladder Match means he made it, that he made believers out of the cynics, skeptics, pretenders and critics, and he says to have a good look at the man with the briefcase. He says that he is Mr. Money In The Bank, that he is a future WWE Champion, because he is The Miz, and he is Awesome.

The Announcers recap the events of the past match with a video, followed by a shot of The Miz standing on the stage with his briefcase, then we have promotion for the next WWE Pay-Per-View Event, SummerSlam, which takes place in Los Angeles on Sunday the 15th August 2010.

After a video recapping the events between John Cena, The Nexus, and Sheamus, over the past few weeks, we have the Cage Match between John Cena and Sheamus for the WWE Championship.

The match ends with Sheamus retaining the title after escaping the cage, thanks to The Nexus focusing on Cena to block his escape attempt, leaving Sheamus open except for Heath Slater who he quickly takes out before hitting the ground and running off through the crowd.

Afterwards, we see an unhappy Cena who then takes out his frustration by throwing Wade Barrett into the outside of the cage, before a clothesline then steel stairs to the face on Michael Tarver. John Cena takes Tarver’s Nexus armband before walking up the the ramp as the PPV goes off the air.

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