Flair talks Mania, Starrcade, Fans speak more

by Danny Maher on 22nd July 2008

WWE.COM has the premiere episode of Ric Flairs new talk show ‘Stylin’ and Profilin’. In thi first episode he talks about his emotional farewell at Wrestle Mania 24 and he offers advice on getting over an ex-girlfriend.

Last night on RAW, they advertised a show for Cryme Tyme that will air on WWE.COM.

This November, WWE will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Starrcade with ‘The Essential Starrcade’ and they are letting the fans decide on what matches they want to see on the WWE24/7 special. You can vote now on the matches.

Joey Styles is back on WWE.COM with a new OMG moment of the week.

WWE has a Summerslam package up for sale on WWE Shop. The package includes Summerslam Anthology box set from 1988 – 2007, Summerslam logo shirt and Summerslam beach ball. The package is priced at $195.40 and will be on sale from Tuesday 5th August 08.

WWE has a poll up asking how bad everyone thinks Chris Jericho has hurt Shawn Michaels and 73.87% voted that Shawn Michaels will never allow Jericho to end his career. 26.12% voted that HBK will never be able to return a 100%.

Last night i reported that TNA has added a profile of Daivari on the roster section, well it’s interesting to note that they have yet to add a profile for Doug Williams. Doug signed a contract to be a regular worker before Daivari and has yet to be added onto the roster section.

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