Lets have a riot in the South East

by Dave on 19th July 2010

So any readers in the South East of England, feel free to check out Riot Act Wrestling on a week Saturday (31/7) at 2.30 in Chatham, Kent, where yours truly should be (provided I get the things I need to do done by that time). Tickets cost £4 to preorder, so get down there if you can, for what should be some decent wrestling.

I must admit the match I’m most looking forward to is a ladies lucha match featuring Jordan E, Janey B and Polly Peppers. After seeing Janey B as the ‘PA to Melanie Price’ at Pro Wrestling EVE’s debut show in May, it will be nice to see her working as ‘The Diva’ (especially considering what i’ve seen of her matches on Youtube against Polly Peppers).

I apologise for my bias, but womens wrestling is something of a passion for me, particularly as WWE and TNA are dropping the ball with their respective divisions (which is sad considering the depth of talent and history of many of the Divas/Knockouts).

Full details can be found here: http://www.riotactwrestling.co.uk/upcoming.html

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