ECW Results – July 22nd 2008

by Chris Gorst on 23rd July 2008

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Teddy Long in the wing and he has a shiny and ugly title belt next to him. He is here to present the new title belt to Mark Henry. He then comes out with Tony Atlas and is all smiles. Atlas has a microphone and is happy that they received this title in the original home of ECW. He says this is a new ECW and that the title has prestige and credibility. Tony says Mark is a champion to be proud of, unlike those who hold on to yester year like Tommy Dreamer, He then brings out Colin Delaney, who turned his back on Tommy Dreamer. Colin shakes hands with both Tony and Mark before taking a mic. Colin goes into the “why did I do it routine?” Colin says he got nothing out of being friends with Tommy except an asskicking every night. He was tired of being a laughing stock. He saw Tony in Mark’s corner on Sunday and Tommy Dreamer… a washed up loser. Colin says Tommy is the past and he joined the program by dumping Dreamer. Teddy Long interrupts and says that Tommy Dreamer is the future and books a match between Colin and Dreamer tonight! Tony wants to talk and Teddy is done talking. He wants a referee as the match starts now!

Colin Delaney vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer looks hot enough to fry and egg on his head. HA! Tony and Mark wish the kid luck and leave the ring as we head to commercial.

We are back and the bell rings. Colin tries to run and gets dropped on his head. Colin gets tossed half way around the ring. Colin slips to the outside and Tommy follows. Colin thrown into the ring and he catches Tommy coming in and Colin gets a huge burst of offense with a bunch of kicks. Tommy with a kick to the gut to end it. Colin in the Tree of Woe and Dreamer connects with a huge basement dropkick. Colin gets drilled with a pumphandle suplex. Colin begs off and Dreamer brings up before planting him with a DDT for the three count at 2:56.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Backstage, Miz and Morrison call last Sunday “Black Sunday” as they were never pinned to lose their titles. Morrison says The Miz will defy the odds and win this Fatal Four Way this week. Miz tells Morrison to not sell himself short either. They wish each other luck in a language I can’t understand.

Back from the break and Chavo Guerrero is on the way to the announcer’s table with Bam Neely.

Evan Bourne vs. James Curtis

We see highlights of Bourne defeating Chavo last week. Chavo blames the wedding as a distraction. The bell rings and Evan with a hammerlock. Curtis with a go behind and Evan reverses into a grounded arm bar. Bourne spins around and rolls into a true armbar. Curtis with a kick to the gut and he throws Bourne into the turnbuckle. Bourne lands on his feet off a snapmare and hits a nice dropkick. Hurricarana connects for two. Evan goes back to the arm. Evan ducks a clothesline in the corner and tries a monkey flip, but Curtis holds the ropes to counter. Curtis hits a back suplex and gets a two count. Curtis pulls back on the neck and switches into a neck twist. Evan breaks with punches, but gets clubbed. Evan flips out of a suplex and kicks the legs of Curtis. Even comes off the ropes and hits a jumping thrust kick to the face. Evan with a jumping rana and a low dropkick. Bourne heads up top and hits the shooting star press for the three count at 3:44.

Winner: Evan Bourne

Bam and Chavo enter the ring looking to strike, but Bourne just runs around and slips out of the ring as Tazz and Mike make up ten million nicknames for Evan Bourne.

Backstage, Finlay talks to Hornswoggle about the match tonight and how close he is to the ECW Title. Who needs luck when you have a shillelagh? We go to a break on that line.

The Raw Rebound goes over the clusterfuck known as the Raw Title picture.

Backstage, Tiffany is talking to Ricky Ortiz. Teddy Long says his hear used to look like his. Ricky has catchphrases and nicknames that he wants to run by Teddy. Teddy reminds Ricky that he only has had one match. Teddy says that next week Ricky will get a chance for two and zero.

Back to the ring and Adamle leads us into a video package for Mike Knox.

Backstage, Matt Hardy puts over the main event for tonight and how much of a huge opportunity it his for him. He says that losing the US Title gives him the opportunity to kick in the door and go on to Summerslam. We head to another break.

#1 Contendership Fatal Four Way – The Miz vs. John Morrison vs. Finlay (with Hornswoggle) vs. Matt Hardy

The bell rings and Miz stands by Morrison. Miz goes for a quick rollup and gets nothing. Matt starts with elbows to Morrison and Finlay pounds The Miz. The former tag champs get dumped to the outside. Finlay and Matt lock up and then stare down. Finlay with a clothesline to Matt. Matt whipped to the corner, gets a leap over, and lands on the ring apron. Matt decks Finlay with a right, but gets dropped on the apron by Morrison. Miz back in to attack Finlay in the corner, but Finlay with a huge clothesline. Matt and Morrison keep battling in the opposite corner. Finlay with a huge bodyslam on Miz and Matt gets an axe handle off the second rope on Morrison. John gets the advantage back as Finlay gets a roll up on Miz for two. Matt Hardy with a backslide on Morrison for two. We head to a commercial at 3:56.

Back at 7:40 as Miz hits a back elbow on Matt. Morrison with a neckbreaker on Finlay. Finlay reverses a pinfall and hits a headbutt of Morrison. Finlay slugs away on Finlay until Morrison stops it. Matt Hardy comes from behind and drills Morrison. Miz stops Matt from getting a pin. Finlay rolls up Miz, but Miz kicks out. Small package by Matt broken up by Morrison. Finlay locks in a Fuji armbar on Morrison and the referee gets lost going back and forth. Morrison gets thrown shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Miz and Matt collide and both men kick out at two following pin attempts. Finlay to the outside, Morrison tries to rush, but stops as Finlay pulls the apron. Morrison hits a low dropkick. Finlay dumps Morrison into the crowd and gets a soda thrown at him. Miz follows out to help out and grabs Finlay. Morrison slugs Finlay and stands on the apron, dropping the elbow on Finlay, while on Miz’s knees. Morrison and Miz back in the ring to double team Hardy. Hardy drilled with a double gutbuster. Miz hits a snap suplex and Morrison goes for a small package, but Matt kicks out at two. Morrison and Miz argue and Matt gets a roll up for two. Miz with a clothesline and Matt Hardy whipped into the corner. Morrison runs into an elbow and Miz misses the splash. Side Effect by Hardy gets two on Morrison. Finlay back in and hits a Celtic Cross, but the pin is broken up. The action breaks down, with near falls all over the place. Matt hits a bulldog on Miz with a clothesline on Morrison. Finlay hits a leaping splash on Matt Hardy but gets two. Hornswoggle jumps on the ring apron and Finlay decks Miz with the shillelagh. Morrison hits a kick to the head from the ring apron and leaps at Matt, but leaps right into a boot to the gut. Twist of Fate connects and Matt Hardy gets the three count at 16:56.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Mark Henry comes to the stage to stare at Hardy and hold the title over his head.

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