TNA news: Australian tour?, Expanding in Europe?, PPV in California?

by Danny Maher on 24th July 2008

TNA is currently talking about the possibility of an Australian tour. TNA wants to expand globally and be known all over the world. They took the first step when they went to Japan however it was for an interpromotional show but when they toured the U.K, they really did start. Australia has TNA over there and it’s obviuous TNA won’t tour anywhere that doesn’t get regular TNA TV. So with this in mind, you could look for tours in 2009 of Australia, Germany and Spain. Their is obviously a 2nd U.K tour in January.

With the annoucement of TNA coming to California, there is a slight possibility there could be a PPV there. This year, 2 PPV’s remain without a location and even though TNA don’t usually do a PPV straight away without doing live events, California is a big state for wrestling and there has been high demand for TNA to tour. This is probably a low chance but don’t overlook it. California will no doubt get a PPV and my guess is if it doesn’t happen this year, expect Lockdown next year to be in California. Lockdown is a big PPV for TNA and California is big for them.

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