McMahon returns to RAW this Monday, other WWE notes

by Danny Maher on 25th July 2008

WWE.COM is confirming that Shane McMahon will be at RAW this Monday night. They  also hint he could be annoucing the new General Manager, however i don’t think he will. This will most likely be the start of something that will pan out over a few weeks, maybe a month going into Summerslam.

WWE.COM has a new episode of Santino’s casa where he hits back at John Morrison, questions whether Danica Patrick belongs behind the wheel of any car and dishes out dear friend Britney.

The Miz and John Morrison are also back on where they went to L.A to the worlds largest video game conferance, E3.

Katie Lea Burchill kicks off her Summer Skin profile with her pictures on WWE.COM

WWE.COM has a competition where you could win a laptop, PS3, the Summerslam anthology set, a WWE shopping spree or a MP3 Player.

WWE has close up pictures of the new ECW title up.


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