Daivari’s new gimmick, Curry Man vs Kip James, TNA Impact tapings

by Danny Maher on 25th July 2008

On Impact Thursday night, Mike Tenay Daivari will now be using his royal arabic name which is Sheik Abdul Bashir. Following this annoucement, a promo package aired where the former Daivari talked about how he came to America to live ‘The American Dream’, but anyone that see’s him automatically thinks he is a terrorist. He then went on to say he is more American than you. Obviously this angle is a big risk and TNA has to be careful how they play it out. It’s either going to be a big sucess or a big blow up. WWE blew they’re angle up with Muhammad Hassan and had to end that story quickly and since then, he has not been heard of because WWE broadcasted everywhere. Luckily for Daivair, he was only a add on in that story so his career was saved and he was placed in other stories. These kind of storylines can have good success, it just depends how the audience take it and who watches it.

At last week’s Impact tapings, Curry Man vs Kip James was taped for TNA Xplosion, but TNA have put it on TNA Today, but the catch is, it’s for the spanish TNA Today which is called TNA Today En Español Con Willie Urbina show.

TNA will be taping the next 2 set of Impact tapings this upcoming Monday and Tuesday nights in Orlando, Florida.

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