VIEWERS CHOICE: Who will be the new RAW General Manager?

by Danny Maher on 25th July 2008 has a viewers choice question for you, our loyal total wrestling followers. Who will be the new RAW General Manager?

I am going to list my possible choices and why, i would like you all to send in your choice(s) and why to:

I will post the best ones up here on the site. If you don’t fancy e-mailing in, i will have a thread up on our boards where you can join in on the debate or you can discuss this in our live chat.

***Danny’s Choices***

(1) William Regal – This is an obvious choice and i think this will be the way to bring him back in. When they ended his reign as GM it was very sudden due to his suspension, so i think bringing him back as GM would be fitting. No doubt they’d go with something on the lines of Shane saying, it’s what my dad would want, or this is with RAW’s best interest at heart.

(2) Shane McMahon – Yes, don’t rule out Shane himself. It could be an easy way for him to follow in his fathers foot steps. Not many people would expect Shane to become GM.

So there are my predictions, it’s over to you all, send in your predictions and reasons.

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