TNA News: Bound For Glory Video update, Matt Morgan, U.K PPV?

by Danny Maher on 27th July 2008

At they have a new Bound For Glory video that is set to air on Impact this Thursday night but it is up now on the site for preview. It features the gang style culture of Chicago from the 1920’s and 30’s

Pictures of Matt Morgan as ‘The Beast’ on American Gladiators are up on the site.

There has been speculation and alot of people wondering if TNA will hold a PPV here in the U.K. These reports were later put to rest when most news sites said it won’t happen. However, the chances of it happening will depend on this tour in January. When TNA was in Liverpool, i spoke to Dixie Carter after the event and she told me she would love TNA to hold a PPV over here when i asked her if she would. Now when TNA had a big annoucement, i thought it would of been a PPV annoucement, but now this tour fills the gaps in the jig saw. The arena’s TNA sold out in June weren’t big enough to have a full audience and a full PPV set up. So TNA is now doing the big arena’s that are capable of holding the audience and a set-up for a PPV. If they don’t fill the arena’s to a good size that will look good on PPV then they probably won’t do one but if they pull it off and it all looks good, no doubt next year they will do a PPV over here.

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