TNA Superstar Wins CMLL Grand Prix

by Chris Gorst on 27th July 2008

TNA Superstar Alex Shelley shocked Mexico by winning the 2008 CMLL Grand Prix. The match went almost 1 full hour. The order of eliminations is as follows:

1) Alex Koslov (via Rey Bucanero)
2) Averno (via Sonjay Dutt)
3) Volador Jr. (via Jay Lethal)
4) Rey Bucanero (via AJ Styles)
5) Sonjay Dutt (via Garza)
6) AJ Styles (via Ultimo Guerrero)
7) Dos Caras Jr. (via Corelone)
8) Jay Lethal (via Dr. Wagner)
9) Johnny Devine (via Shocker)
10) Hector Garza (via Corelone)
11) Dr. Wagner Jr. (via Sabin & Shelley double superkick)
12) Marco Corelone (via Shocker & UG after a failed Air Italia)

At this point, they’re down to Alex Shelly & Chris Sabin vs the unlikely duo of Shocker & Ultimo Guerrero

13) Shocker (via Sabin & Shelley double superkick)
14) Chris Sabin (via Ultimo Guerrero)

Shelley survived the middle rope powerbomb, and reversed the Guerrero Special into a shiranu, but neither man could get teh three count. Shelley put on one of his submission moves – the Border City Stretch? – yanking off UG’s mask in the process. Ultimo gave up, and Alex Shelley became the first foreign winner of the tournament since Steel in 1997.

Ultimo challenged Alex to a mask vs hair match. Alex deffered a response until he had more time to think about it and relax.

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