Jim Ross Speaks On Unions, Flair DVD, SNME, Austin, More

by Chris Gorst on 28th July 2008

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up. Highlights are below.

On a wrestling union: The tired “wrestling needs a union” story is just that, tired. I am not anti union whatsoever but simply having a union doesn’t automatically solve the problem of wrestlers not preparing for their future. Naturally, a well managed union with cooperation from its membership would help many of these individuals but some wayward souls would still figure a way to get themselves into a financial fiasco. Buying too much unnecessary “bling” and having marital woes are two of the leading issues that cause famous wrestlers to become destitute, desperate, and dependent on others. It is a damn sad state of affairs.

On the Ric Flair DVD: The Ric Flair DVD is selling like crazy and is one of the many excellent DVDs available right now in the wrestling marketplace. Stone Cold, Rock, and HHH all have strong products out there and would be excellent additions to any fan’s collection. On the HHH DVD, I narrate a match with HHH which was his first match, I think, when he was training with Killer Kowalski at a small event in the northeast. HHH had short hair then and carried himself like an individual with much more experience than his years would dictate. This was a fun match to narrate along side “The Game” and I felt good that HHH wanted me to sit in with him on this unique, one camera video shoot.

On SNME: Saturday Night’s Main Event on NBC that airs next Saturday Night August 2 in prime time should be a hot, one hour show and from what I hear some potentially strong in ring content is going to be featured. This show will be taped this Monday in Washington D.C. prior to Raw going live at 9 eastern. Reuniting with Jerry “The King” Lawler will be like old times and I would suggest we won’t miss a beat. I am psyched for this opportunity and feel lucky to have this assignment. Guys with two bouts of Bells palsy don’t get many network TV opportunities which is the opposite of what my late Dad used to tell me which was “you are better seen and not heard.” Just like the two sons of Ricky Bobby in the film “Talledaga Nights, The Legend of Ricky Bobby” I might get “jacked up” on Diet Mountain Dew and let β€˜er rip. πŸ™‚

On Steve Austin: Yours truly talked to Steve Austin this week for a few minutes as he was down in south Texas on a fishing trip with family and friends. This is an annual affair that I have been invited to many times but have never been able to make. I plan on doing so, hopefully, next year. Steve is in great spirits and is busy doing the “Hollywood thing” which is a deliberate process entailing many, many “meetings”. The last time I saw Steve he looked to be in as good a physical condition as I can remember seeing him. That definitely doesn’t mean a return to the ring either sports fans. I do still think that Steve should be the center piece of the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Wrestlemania 25 in Houston. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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