New Spin Cycle, Abyss News

by Al M. on 28th July 2008

Intersting guest this week on the TNA show Spin Cycle at they have on Don West, NFL Superstar from the Pittsburg Steelers James Farrior , “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan and Karen Angle on the show. They talk about Sting, Bret Farve, Beer Money and other topic. To me it was all around a good show.

Coming August 5 from TNA Wrestling Home Video is our most hardcore DVD release of the year – “Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls: Scars And Stitches”.

The three-hour DVD features some of the most barbaric matches in TNA history and will be available at and major DVD retailers such as Best Buy!

In addition to 9 violent matches, the DVD includes exclusive interviews with your favorite TNA superstars as well as exclusive bonus content! What were their worst injuries? How do they deal with the taste of their own blood? What are the most violent bouts they’ve competed in? The TNA superstars answer these questions and many more!


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