VIEWERS CHOICE: Who will be the new RAW General Manager? Your Predictions.

by Danny Maher on 28th July 2008

I asked the question earlier this week and you have responded. Here are a few of your predictions on who will be the next RAW General Manager. There is still time to get your predictions in, you can do it before RAW in just over an hour or if the GM isn’t reveiled then you have even more time.

From Jonathan Silva  – I would also take into consideration Ted dibiase. I recall him coming out of Mcmahon’s office. And with Ted being general manager he can also help out his son and work as heels.

Lisa Nichole Maibaum from Florida –  just got 1 name 2 words for you What about MATT STRIKER?

He is NOT doing any thing but doing segments,promos,and the best week worst week thing right now. Not to mention he is NOT wrestling at this time. I Feel like he is qualified to be in this postion and not that god awful william regal.

Doug Harbottle – Even tho’ VKM and he do not see eye to eye, my prediction is Good Ole JR. The best person for the job heads ECW. Even these guys would be better than Regal…Findley, Sgt. Slaughter, Jerry Brisco, Dusty Rhodes, Rene Goulet, Michael PS Hayes, Shyster, Shane McMahon, just to name a few. They could have been blowing smoke when they said Eric Bishoff would not be back in the WWE.

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