Raw Fusion: The Nexus Meet An Army

by Firefly on 20th July 2010

The 19th July 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw emanates from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we start off with Michael Cole telling us that the General Manager has made a match later in the night, that will pit Mark Henry against Wade Barrett, with the rest of The Nexus banned from ringside.

The first match is a Triple Threat match between Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Edge, to determine Sheamus’ opponent for SummerSlam. The match ends with Orton hitting an RKO on Jericho, followed by another on Edge to get the 3-count.

Next, Edge is still in the ring with a microphone and he demands that Chris Jericho get back out there. Jericho obliges, coming out to the ring and grabbing a microphone of his own.

Edge says that this has gone on between them for too long, he says it has gone on between them for eleven years, he asks how many championships, injuries, and years off their careers they have cost each other. Edge says it has to end right here, right now, tonight.

Jericho says that for the first time in eleven years, they agree on something, he says that’s because tonight it will end for Edge, he says that last week Barrett pretty much admitted that Jericho is the reason that The Nexus has achieved what it has, because as his former WWE Pro, he taught him all that.

He says that he thinks if he snapped his fingers, The Nexus would do what he said, and if he called them out right now, they would take years off Edge’s career and he asks him if Edge understands what he is saying to him right now.

Edge says he doesn’t, he says that he doesn’t think that The Nexus would agree with that, and that if he offered what he can bring to the table, The Nexus would take him up on his offer and have no problem with taking out a guy who is claiming all their successes for himself.

The Nexus’ music hits and they make their way to the ring, with Wade Barrett holding a microphone. Barrett asks Edge and Jericho not to argue amongst themselves as they are both veterans and highly respected, and The Nexus would be lucky to call either one of them an ally.

Barrett says that both men have had successful, innovative, Hall Of Fame careers, and as The Nexus surround Edge, he says that Jericho was right, that The Nexus would not just take years off his career, but they would end it.

Jericho looks on as The Nexus beat Edge down, with Skip Sheffield even hitting Edge with a Spear, before Jericho steps in and applies the Walls Of Jericho on Edge. Soon, Jericho looks up and notices The Nexus staring at him and he lets go of the hold.

Barrett says that Edge was also right, that they would really like to shut up the man trying to claim to be behind their success. Attempting to attack Barrett, Jericho quickly gets pulled back off of him and beat down too, and once complete they exist the ring and walk up the ramp and go backstage.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler talk over a video of the events of a few moments ago between The Nexus, Edge, and Jericho, and we go backstage where Josh Mathews catches Barrett for an interview.

Mathews says that there’s no question that The Nexus is the most powerful group in WWE history, that from the top Superstars down to the Timekeeper quakes in their boots when they see them, but at the risk of making Barrett uncomfortable, he says that many people are questioning whether any individual member of The Nexus can favourably compete against Mark Henry.

Barrett asks Mathews if he is quaking in his boots, but he doesn’t immediately answer until prodded, when he admits that he is. Barrett says he guarantees that Mark Henry is doing the same, because every member of The Nexus is just as good individually as they are collectively, and that it won’t end well for Mark Henry.

Before Barrett is able to go into the locker room, Sheamus catches him and says that he has a proposal that he thinks Barrett will want to hear. When Barrett suggests he step into his “office”, Sheamus says that he’d rather say outside.

Back to ringside, Cole and King interview John Cena. When asked by Cole if the carnage just witnessed was reminiscent of what he’s been through over the past few weeks with The Nexus, Cena says that it is, but he brought it upon himself, that he didn’t shake Barrett’s hand a couple of weeks ago when he’d said it would all end by doing so, that it was out of foolish pride or thinking that he’d be able to stop them – but he can’t, nobody can.

He says that Jericho and Edge were just decimated, that at Money In The Bank they attacked him and Sheamus. He says that he can see the writing on the wall, and when asked by King what he is saying, he says that tonight he’d like to meet The Nexus in the ring as he’s got something to say to them.

King asks why he would want that, Cena replies that they made his life miserable and cost him everything, he says they say that “You’re either Nexus, or you’re against us.” Cena says that right now he’s saying that “if you can’t beat them…” but doesn’t finish his statement before leaving.

Next up, Eve Torres takes on Maryse (accompanied by Ted DiBiase Jr.). The match ends with a kick to the head to get the 3-count. Maryse’s foot is on the rope, but the referee didn’t see it, so once the bell has rung DiBiase gets in the ring and argues with the referee, before being took down and hit with Starship Pain by John Morrison.

Now, Justin Roberts introduces WWE Champion Sheamus, who comes out and says to let the records show that he has now beaten John Cena in a Table match, Fatal Four Way, and a Steel Cage.

He says that when he beat Cena the first time, it was called a fluke, the second time was called luck, but now there’s only one word for it – dominance. He says now Cena is in his past and he won’t get another championship match against him any time soon, he says that Cena only has himself to blame because he should have done what Sheamus did earlier that night and call a truce with The Nexus.

Sheamus says he explained to Barrett that a year ago, nobody had heard of Sheamus or The Nexus, but now they are both the most powerful entities in the WWE. He says that he explained that they don’t have to like each other, but that they stay out of each other’s way, to which Barrett agreed, so now the truce is in effect.

He says though it’s good news for him, it’s bad news for Randy Orton as it means Orton doesn’t stand a chance and will suffer the same fate as Cena, with him becoming the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time.

Before Sheamus can gloat any more, The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase in hand. Once in the ring with a microphone, The Miz congratulates Sheamus on solving his problem with The Nexus, but says that now he has a bigger one – a Miz problem.

He tells Sheamus that he doesn’t control the fate of the WWE Championship, Miz does, because he has the Money In The Bank briefcase that he can cash in at any time for a championship match. He says to put it in perspective, say Sheamus does beat Orton at SummerSlam, Orton might hit him with an RKO afterwards, so Miz would be there to cash it in.

He says maybe Sheamus would be doing a backstage interview, then Miz might hit him n the back of the head with the briefcase, drag him out to the ring, cash it in and beat him on the spot. He says maybe he’ll wait to Main Event WrestleMania, regardless of who is champion, or maybe he’ll forget all that and cash it in tonight.

He says that either way, Sheamus should consider him his celebrity stalker, as (quoting song lyrics) every breath he takes, every move he makes, he’ll be watching him. Before The Miz is able to then complete his catchphrase, Sheamus interrupts it and says that The Miz is nothing, and Sheamus is the WWE Champion, before leaving the ring.

Before Sheamus can get far, the email tone plays, the lights flash, and Michael Cole informs us that there is an email from the General Manager. Cole informs us that should The Miz wish to cash in his Money In The Bank title opportunity, he should take a seat at ringside as Sheamus is going to take on Evan Bourne.

The match ends with Sheamus hitting the bicycle kick for the win. Before Sheamus can celebrate for too long, The Miz attacks him with the briefcase, then hitting the Skull Crushing Finale onto the briefcase before deciding to cash it in for his title shot.

The referee is apparently unable to start the match unless Sheamus is conscious, but before the bell is able to be rung to make the match official, R-Truth’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, immediately causing The Miz to wave off his decision to cash it in, and leave with R-Truth in pursuit as a groggy Sheamus is shown in the ring with Cole and King saying how lucky he is to still be in possession of the WWE Championship.

Going backstage, Josh Mathews interviews The Miz, pointing out that he must be furious with what has just happened as he was about to cash in his title opportunity. The Miz says that R-Truth just cost him the WWE Championship, he says to make no mistake about it though, there will be other opportunities because he has up to an entire year, whether it is tomorrow night, or the 17th July 2011, he will take his rightful place as WWE Champion, because he’s The Miz, and he’s Awesome.

After a quick recap of the earlier events of tonight by Cole and King, we have a SummerSlam Recall video showing the highlights of the match between The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin at SummerSlam 1998, that ended with Austin hitting the Stone Cold Stunner for the win.

Sheamus is then shown walking backstage holding an icepack to his head, snapping at some Divas who are laughing amongst themselves about something, before Orton yells to catch his attention.

Orton says that it’s too bad what happened out there, he says that carrying the WWE Championship makes him a target, but that come SummerSlam, it doesn’t matter whether The Miz, Sheamus, or anyone else holds the title, because whoever it is will be wearing a giant bullseye, one that will be hit not with an arrow, spear or bullet, but an RKO.

Next up, a tag team match pitting Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov against Zack Ryder and William Regal. The match ends with Santino hitting a jumping fist drop after Kozlov had done the damage with a spinebuster.

Now time for the match between Wade Barrett and Mark Henry. The match ends with Barrett hitting The Wasteland and then pinning him, after the rest of The Nexus manage to distract Henry long enough by coming out onto the stage.

After the match, Barrett hits Henry with a few steps before pushing him out of the ring, as the rest of The Nexus make their way to the ring and enter it. Grabbing a microphone, Barrett calls John Cena out, pointing out that he’d said that he wanted to speak with them.

As The Nexus wait for Cena to come out, Tarver has a microphone, he says that they’ve already made one truce tonight, but because of what has transpired between them, they will at least give their word to hear him out, if he acknowledges that The Nexus run the show.

He says that if Cena continues with the futile resistance, they will make his life miserable for what’s left of his career, and to make it easier on himself he should come out, show remorse for assaulting Darren Young, as well as Tarver and the rest of The Nexus, because if he does then maybe they will consider ending this – but he should remember that this is all on him.

Cena’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, entering it with a microphone in hand. Cena thanks Wade for meeting him out there, and addressing the crowd he says that since The Nexus arrived, he has had two WWE Championship matches, the first costing him the title, the second stopping him from winning it back, and since he’s not a part of their bigger picture, he doesn’t even know why.

He says that tonight Sheamus made a truce with them, something he should have done a long time ago, he says that he’s sorry, but he’s putting himself on Front Street and looking at everyone man-to-man, asking for the same thing.

Barrett says that their answer is no. He says that he’s not interested in a truce or offering an olive branch, he’s looking for something much bigger, he says to ignore the crowd chanting his name, he wants Cena to join The Nexus, because with all he’s achieved so far on his own, by joining them he can achieve ten times that because The Nexus is the present and future of the WWE, as together they would be unstoppable.

Barrett says that there isn’t much of a choice, “you’re either Nexus, or you’re against us.” To which Cena seems to think it over before shaking his head and saying no, that he can’t do it. Barrett says that’s unfortunate as that leaves Cena with two choices, the first being that he leave with his tail between his legs, showing what a coward he really is, or the second being that he stand in the ring and The Nexus administer the most vicious beating they ever have.

Cena exits the ring and walks up the ramp, but as he gets to the stage he says that there’s one more thing he wants to say as he starts walking back down it, he says that they’ve heard him say it before, but whether he does it himself or he has help, he will take every one of them down.

He says that tonight’s peace offering was a test, and they said no, thus sealing their fate. Cena says that he has some help, that since they came and started beating people up, he has quietly been forming a team, one that will take down The Nexus at SummerSlam.

He tells them to meet his team, as Edge comes out, followed by John Morrison, R-Truth, The Great Khali, Chris Jericho, and finally Bret “The Hitman” Hart. As the team (dubbed “Cena’s Army” by Michael Cole) hit the ring, The Nexus quickly bail out and exit through the crowd. Both teams stare at each other from their respective positions as Raw goes off the air.

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