Jack The Snake Roberts Raw Review 7/28

by Al M. on 29th July 2008

This is Jack The Snake Roberts weekly Raw Review as posted in his myspace account.
RAW Review: July 28, 2008

Here we go again! Still very puzzled about the talent list left on Raw. Smackdown is loaded above Raw by a mile. Sure do love the old footage on opening. Maybe someday I could even be on it. Certainly would be proud and don’t feel like it would hurt, but maybe the reason I’m not is possibly there might be a small chance of being back on Raw in another way (talent)? Could use it and would love to show the world just how much the gift WWE provided my family, fans, friends and most of all myself wasn’t wasted. I will always be eternally grateful for the life saving package provided. Enough of my personal feelings and lets get to the action or lack of.

Cena–why do so many guys slip up with interviews and call someone by their first name? I mean, maybe they are trying to show it’s personal or even establish friendship. Just don’t think I would like being called by my real name. Listening to Cena, wonder who is turning heel? Cena threw the first curve and Batista by laughing gave the 2nd shot. Shane appears, drops the bomb, and sets the table by announcing tag match, not telling CM Punk’s World Title match or who new G.M. Is. Like it, oh yes keeps us watching and guessing. Anticipation is the key to excitement. The mind is playing out all the possibilities right now.

Kelly Kelly & D.Lo vs Santino Morella & Beth Phoenix
Again the face starts the punching. How many finishing maneuvers before a hold? Oops! Weren’t any at all. D.Lo came back like a house on fire–fire extinguished pretty quick though. Glamazon and Santino are fun to watch. Loved his reaction to kiss; probably going to be many more episodes. Just wonder where they are headed with it. Maybe hers as champ and him as a male valet? Don’t think I would have opened the action up with this match. Better spot in show would have been before the main event. Back in the day we called it the “popcorn match.”

Lawler & Duggan vs Dibiase & Rhodes Still enjoying the slap..
New G.M. Establishing himself as a comedian I guess because M. Cole, please– could new G.M. Be Dibiase? Jerry got his spots in and this worked better than I thought. Although might have meant more had they broken M. Cole’s arm or hand, that way there would have been visual reminder for a few weeks. Still money has got to be on Dibiase as G.M or Rhodes on 2nd thought. Still got to be Dibiase. Priceless, right.

Jamie Noble vs Koki Kinston
Guess the G.M. Thought this would be a match worthy of being on T.V. Must say wasn’t that horrid for less than 90 seconds. Kinston is exciting and fans are beginning to warm to him. Let’s remember we eat what is put on the table. If you’re hungry, you will swallow it. Even at best, there have been (3) so called contests (no make that matches) because none were a contest.

C.M. Punk vs William Regal
Thank you Mr. Regal. You have just rescued me and all the other wrestling fans who enjoy a contest, fight, or match. C.M., welcome to becoming established. This match helped you much more than you think. Sometimes when we can’t make those watching believe we are tough, it takes a match such as this to begin to create a fighting champion. May have felt like hell but it helped, believe me! You should thank Mr. Regal for lifting you to another level. Regal, great stuff! Especially the post and kick. Great to see holds applied and worked. Problem is you did more of than we will see the rest of the night.

Jericho–headed for Punk to be Champ, then Shawn comes back for one more time around the horn. Just a guess. Punk better off with Jericho than the big boys. Batista, Kane, Cena, JBL, etc.
Mickey Jaye vs Jillian

Choreographed all the way through. Horrible DDT.
Damn, some Dad you are-Peggy Lee grab the thunder and be someone we can sink our teeth into.

Edge—Damn, what did you do to deserve this one? Are you auditioning for a soap opera? I’m sure it must feel like it. At least you get Undertaker in a main event. That’s money. Look forward to seeing him.

That’s it …main event to follow.

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