More on Mike Adamle becoming GM

by Al M. on 29th July 2008

WWE.COM has an intersting poll on the main page asking fans
what they think of Mike Admale being named the new General
manager of raw.

At 14.95% of the vote – Adamle is a great choice. He already has
Cena facing Batista at

At 66.12% of the vote – Mike Adamle?! Are you serious?!

At 18.91% of the vote – Anything to keep him away from the announce
table during ECW on Sci Fi!

With the total of votes at 81523!

Over 66.00% of the WWE Fans say they will not take him
seriously as a GM! I am in that 66.00% This is the worst thing
that has happened in wrestling since David Arquette won the
title. Actually this might even justify David Arquette being
world champion.

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