WWE News: Todd Grisham, The Fink, NWO, more

by Danny Maher on 30th July 2008

WWE has a poll up on the ECW page in which they ask ‘Are you happy about Todd Grisham being the new voice of ECW?’ 54.43% said Yes, he’s great, 32% said they’re not bothered and 13.55% said no, bring back Ademle.

A new ‘Out Think The Fink’ is up on wwe.com.

According to wwe.com, No Way Out will take place on Sunday 15th February 2009 next year.

Expect some sort of match to take place between Umaga and Big Show possibly at Summerslam. As i reported last night WWE keep changing they’re mind on what matches they want at the event and with the way Smackdown worked out last night, it wouldn’t seen right that they would be booking as many matches as i reported last night from the Smackdown brand, but then again WWE wouldn’t normally give SD to high profile matches so anything can happen. As it stands now i would say expect the following matches to be annouced for Summerslam, but i would say nothing is certain until WWE annouce it because of they’re changes so much.

WWE U.S Title
Shelton Benjamin vs Mr.Kennedy

MVP vs Jeff Hardy

Big Show vs Umaga

WWE Championship
CM Punk vs JBL vs Kane

Mickie James vs Katie Lea Burchall

WWE Intercontinental Title
Kofi Kingston vs Paul Burchall


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