Eric Bischoff back in the WWE?

by Al M. on 30th July 2008

I am not sure when Sir Eric Bischoff wrote this blog on his website, but the closing paragraph gives a great hint, of a possible return or him missing the business. Take it for what it is worth.

As I approach the twentieth anniversary of the beginning of my career in the sports-entertainment industry, I can’t help but reflect on the changes (good and bad) that have impacted the business. I started my career in syndication/sales for an organization in Minneapolis known as the AWA in August of 1987. My transition from an obscure “office” position to an on camera host for the company’s daily program on ESPN and in syndication was an unlikely event that truly defined the phrase “right time…right place”.

Being in the right place at the right time isn’t always simply coincidence. Indeed, in many respects it’s really all about passion, instinct, commitment, risk and…ok-a little luck. I believe that sums up my move from the AWA to Turner Broadcasting in 1991 and my subsequent path that began with me as an on camera talent at Turner Broadcasting, and ended in 1999 as President of Turner/Time Warner’s WCW division. During this period I had the opportunity to take a fledgling division of Turner Broadcasting that happened to be a personal favorite of Ted Turner, from a money losing-content producing lost leader (from a corporate point of view) to a $300+ million dollar leader in the industry that had ABC Television up at night wondering how to shore up the male audience that was making “Monday Nitro on TNT” their preferred destination during the NFL season. It was a tumultuous ride, and one that I wouldn’t have missed.

Now as a partner in my own production company (BISCHOFF-HERVEY ENTERTAINMENT), as well as MONEYMAKER GAMING and BLISS BEVERAGE, I have the opportunity to enjoy the creative process of developing television content, as well as applying much of the brand building experience and knowledge gained during my tenure as an executive at Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner.

And every so often….I get to turn back the clock and play the evil villain on WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” on USA Network!

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