Kurt Angle Admits To Cheating On Karen, Details Of Affair, More

by Chris Gorst on 30th July 2008

For those that did not see the clip that we posted a link to yesterday, Angle has filmed a reality show called “The Real Angle”. A teaser of the show is posted HERE. In the clip, he admits to cheating with a woman years ago who ended up being arrested for stalking the Angles.

The woman he was referring to was Deann Siden, reports ProWrestling.net. She was arrested in May of 2003 for stalking the couple and is also believed to have stalked Ric Flair as well. Apparently, Siden left numerous phone messages stating that she was having Kurt’s baby and also threatened Karen during that time period. At the time of the incident, Angle denied the affair.

You can read the article on the woman’s arrest HERE.

For what it’s worth, the clip of the reality show is definitely worth checking out. It’s not a short clip and is almost an actual episode in itself that really depicts the life of the Angles behind the scenes. In the footage, Angle talks about a “tell all” book he wants to write, training for an MMA fight with Randy Couture, trying to be a better father, and he also has some very choice words for Mr. McMahon.

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